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In this tutorial I am going to show you how to install PHP 5. 4. 30, Apache 2
UpdateToday I got again problem with PHP 7 running despite I have disabled php7. 0 apache module: phpinfo was showing php 7 using fastCGI …… So if after you follow the below instructions you face this situation, you may need to disable the proxy_fcgi
You can even consider using vagrant (or similar technology) to assist in using both versions at the same time. Vagrant is essentially a VM client designed to help spin VM's up and down quickly and easily with project based configuration; i. e
Same as the script from "Growling Flea", but using new versions. Add the PPA The PHP 5. 6 and PHP 7
I installed Ubuntu 11. 04, LAMP using tasksel. I find that PHP mail() does not work
Below are the steps to be followed to install composer globally: 1. Before installing Composer, make sure our server has all dependencies installed. 1st, update the package manager cache by running: $ sudo apt-get update 2
Setup the default timezone is very necessary for proper data processing send from various countries. This article will help you to know how can we setup a default timezone in PHP configuration file (php. ini) or inside any php script for temporary us
The following method will get you started fast on Ubuntu 12. 04: Install the dependences: sudo apt-get install php5-common php5-cli php5-fpm Install nginx: sudo apt-get install nginx Start nginx: sudo service nginx start Test that it’s working (shoul
Understanding the role each technology plays in the stack is crucial when moving from LAMP to MEAN for web development. Whether you’re looking for consolidation of technologies or to leverage in-house JavaScript expertise, the MEAN stack can offer a