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How many of you failed to connect to WiFi network in Linux? Did you bumped into issues like the followings in different forums, discussion page, blogs? I am sure everyone did at some point. Following list shows just the results from Page 1 of a Googl
Instructions to Enable sorting the Dropbox Indicator Follow Ted Gould's instructions then if you would like to sort the Dropbox indicator, here are a few more steps: Note: If you edited the file in /usr/share/. .
One of the things I like best when using OS X is the Spotlight tool. You can click a magnifying glass in the corner, and search for apps, files, anything. Windows 7's Start Menu search tool is similar
In Unity, the menu bar for most applications appears on the top panel, on mouse-over. Additionally, one can use the keyboard to quickly access menu items by pressing alt and typing what you're looking for. The mouse-over menu, however, hides some ite
com/paradoxxxzero/gnome-shell-system-monitor-applet. git Only GNOME 3. 0