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Regardless of your distribution, you will need the Mono Project GPG signing key, which package managers require. Debian, Ubuntu, and derivativesAdd the Mono Project GPG signing key and the package repository to your system (if you don’t use sudo, be
A meta-package like this can be created with a tool called equivs which will create a package with just dependency information. First, create a directory: mkdir my-metapackage cd my-metapackage/ Now run the program: equivs-control ns-control It will
I searched for a simple way to create . deb Packages for things which have no source code to compile (configs, shellscripts, proprietary software). This was quite a problem because most of the package tutorials are assuming you have a source tarball
What follows is a basic example of how a source package for a python script might look. While most of the packaging tutorials are a bit complex, they can really help if you hit a problem. That said, I first learned the basics of Debian packaging by s
Answer #: 1 There are a number of paths that a package can take to enter Ubuntu. The overview of Ubuntu development targeted at “upstream” developers like yourself might be a useful place to start, but I’ll try to give you some pointers as well. Thro
I think that this Debian packaging guide I wrote, Basics of Debian Packages is the shortest I've ever seen. You can also find it at StackOverFlow. The right way of building a deb package is using dpkg-buildpackage but sometimes it is a little bit com