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In the case where tried to install a file: sudo apt-get install libstdc++. so. 6 instead of a package
I'm trying to fix what I consider a bloated install of Ubuntu. When I install Ubuntu on a machine, I get things that I don't want - web browsers, office applications, media players, accessibility utilities, Ubuntu One, and so on. My goal is to create
Think of it as a great river, with the people who write the software as the source of the river. They would be the upstream, futher downstream would be your distribution, and at the end of the river would be the user. Ubuntu is in the middle of the r
You can search (abbreviated with "se") for packages that require a certain package with: zypper se --requires packagename Also, you can search only among installed packages with: zypper se -i --requires packagename For example, to look for packages r
If you want in one command and not use Software source ticking then in terminal put: sudo add-apt-repository universe On older versions of Ubuntu, you might have to use a full source line: sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive. ubuntu. com/ubun
I have noticed on a few machines in which my application's user. config file is somehow becoming corrupted and is empty when opening. I can't seem to figure out why this is happened
Thanks for these information. Since you have already performed a hard reset, most of the probable causes related to your phone settings should have been eliminated. According to this Microsoft thread, a workaround to error code c00cee2c is to "select
Manually installed packages appear in the Software Centre, along with all the others. Just search the software centre for your package and remove it there. You may have to click on "Show N technical items" Along with this, there are a few other metho
I recently had the need to install a newer version of the g++ compiler on Ubuntu 12. 04 LTS. I documented the approach here