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Flarum runs on top of the LAMP stack. So the first step in getting it up and running on your server is to use the DigitalOcean LAMP One-Click application or to follow this tutorial: We'll also need Composer installed. You can get a lot more details a
The Multiverse repository contains packages (software) that is "not free" , referring to licensing restrictions. The Multiverse repository contains software which has been classified as non-free. This software may not be permitted in some jurisdictio
I am using Ubuntu 13. 04 which I installed few days back. I am trying to install nodejs and npm
Just set up a simple but signed repository on a webserver. Because most other tutorials are somewhat dated or cumbersome, I'll try to replicate the procedure here. The initial configuration takes a bit of effort, but the simple build script keeps it
I doubt you will want to install those libraries. Seen as it's nothing more than a nuisance you can simply silence the message. Create a new config file in /etc/rsyslog
lynx can call dpkg (or the Software Center, if a display is available) and offer to install a downloaded package for you. For example, using: lynx http://archive. ubuntu
Code: aptitude show vlc Package: vlc State: installed Automatically installed: no Version: 1. 0. 2-1ubuntu2
apt-cache policy The above command will shows installed package version and also all the available versions in the repository according to the version of Ubuntu in which you are running. It doesn't display the package version which was intended for a
Commands Needed:dpkg -s - allows you to find the version of that you have installed. (source) apt-cache showpkg - will show a list of Versions of the package available. For each version, the source of the package, in the form of an index file name, w
I am writing a new answer as Tasksel 'Task names' DO NOT show up in dpkg or apt queries. Meaning the other answers are incomplete (or wrong). "I can't remember If I have checked the 'virtual machine host' checkbox