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I want to add my answer here because I couldn't install the NVidia driver, I couldn't get tty working and I wasn't able to install it in safe mode root shell. What I did was a combination of two answers here: NOTE: before doing this, be sure that the
I'm doing a Windows 7 reinstall on my 8700 and have a GT635 graphics card. The video driver on the Dell website is version 311. 47
Aug 9, 2011 I just reseantly got an Asus Essentio CM1730-05 desktop and I installed Ubuntu 11. 04 on it with Wubi. After doing so, I installed the restricted driver for my onboard ATI Radeon 3000 graphics
I prefer to install the drive myself. So, knowing what my card is,1)I download the excellent driver from nVidia. com
NVIDIA Optimus is a technology that allows an Intel integrated GPU and discrete NVIDIA GPU to be built into and accessed by a laptop. Getting Optimus graphics to work on Arch Linux requires a few somewhat complicated steps, explained below. There are
flash videos both in chrome 12. 0. 742