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Just goto your port forwarding options in your router and set the proper things. I had a similar problem to you until I used Phantoms ServerList. cs You can check out his site for more information about it
You can do the following: Type ifconfig or ifconfig -a. This command shows you the list of interfaces along with their IP and MAC addresses (the latter one only if applicable). You can also type ifconfig en0 or ifconfig en1 for the configuration of a
0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01) This problem wasn't present in Ubuntu 13. 04, Linux Mint Debian Edition or Debian 7 wheezy (GNOME or KDE). Edit: few test with the following results :The pr
There are two big things that matter for programmers: knowing what needs to be done, and doing it. So when a server that you SSH into tells you that it wants to be restarted, it’s nice to just do that quick reboot. So long as you trust that nothing w
The person who works in Linux / or *nix environment should know what's loop-back. It's a "software implementation" of network device or any hardware (please see below for other context), i. e
Answer #: 1 Install the traceroute package via terminal by running: sudo apt-get install traceroute After that, type this in the terminal: traceroute [ip/web-site url] For example: traceroute 8. 8. 8
This question already has an answer here: I am running 14. 04 LTS on a Dell XPS 13 9343. Today I did a routine update through Software Updater and restarted when it prompted me
Most people test the speed of the Internet connection at one point or another, usually using a website such as SpeedTest Do an Internet Speed Test with SpeedTest to do so. The speed of your Internet connection is obviously a big deal because it dicta
I think I’m being the victim of a bug here. Sometimes while I’m working (I still don’t know why), my network traffic goes up to 200 KB/s and stays that way, even tough I’m not doing anything internet-related. This sometimes happens to me with the CPU
If you ever need to set custom DNS or change the DNS settings on iOS devices for using an alternate domain name server or a faster one, you’ll probably want the DNS changes to take effect immediately, which requires the flushing of DNS caches on the