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No one has yet mentioned the excellent qtfm, which, for a lightweight filemanager has some very useful features. It is based on 'pure QT' and does not bring with it a huge amount of dependencies like other filemanagers might. It can be installed with
Ctrl+L. Very frustrating to not find an option in the View menu (which should then be clearly labeled Ctrl+L). Had to do a web search
By default, Nautilus displays the pathbar, a series of buttons with directory names, to display the current location. Some users prefer to use a location bar, with the full path displayed. This page will show how to configure Nautilus to display loca
This quick tip is going to show beginners how to add ‘open as administrator’ or ‘open as root’ into Nautilus context menu in Ubuntu 13. 10 Saucy. With this feature enabled, you can quickly open files and folders in Nautilus with root (super user) pri
Got same ergonomic problem! Ctrl+D or Add Bookmark will function only when "desired link folder" is selected on Location Bar. "Bookmarks" will appear only on Places (Nautilus) after placing one bookmark. Not so friendly IMO
Right click option provides a shortcut way to open any file immediately but sometimes it becomes problem because of lots of unwanted applications added on the right click menu. Below is a screenshot of a my right click menu option. There are lots of
Finally figured it out. . first sudo apt-get install dconf-tools nautilus-open-terminal, then run dconf-editor and set the org/gnome/desktop/interface/can-change-accels boolean on
These directories/places include Home, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures mounted drives and network drives (if any). Suppose a situation where you want to add a new directory in it for quick access. Lets say Dropbox
Have you ever noticed that by default there’s a Templates folder in your home directory? In some file managers, there’s an item in the right-click menu to “Create empty file” or “Create new file”. However, Files (also known as Nautilus) lets you crea
After the upgrade from 12. 10 to 13. 04 my desktop background turns black after I try to set a image for that