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I use the commmand line text editor nano. How do I undo an action while editing text? For example: I typed some text and then changed my mind. Now I want to return to previous state
Ctrl + G will let you read the help. nano can do some pretty nice things so you might want to pootle around in there for a bit. When you see ^G (et al) it means Ctrl + G
I can select all file by going to the 1st line Alt+\, start marking the text by Alt+A, go to the last line by Alt+/ But there, I don't know which key to remove the selected text. Hit delete doesn't work for me but Ctrl+K to cut the text will destroy
By Gary Newell Updated February 24, 2016. Introduction There is a long running battle between Linux users about which command line editor is the best. In one camp vi is the editor that rules the roost but in another it is all about emacs
Answer #: 1 The nano editor provides syntax highlighting for a few languages and scripts by itself. Check out /usr/share/nano/ nits@nits-excalibur:~$ ls /usr/share/nano/ asm. nanorc fortran
vi / vim as well as nano are the most popular editors on Unix / Linux / Solaris and for hardcode Mac OSX users too. For developing / debugging we need line numbers. A way to get them to display line numbers doesn’t jump out easily from their big docu