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Getting the program to show up in the search seems to be difficult at best, which I'm sure will get better as Gnome3 matures and progresses. (The state of Gnome3 right now will certainly not be the same in a month. ) In order to add an application as
Currently there is no way of disabling it (Please read the end of the answer for more). The idea behind this was for cases where you needed to open not 2 Firefox Windows, or 4, but 10 or 20. Now imagine having the Unity Launcher with the common icons
In the file /usr/share/unity-2d/shell/Shell. qml, and can be edited with the command gksudo gedit /usr/share/unity-2d/shell/Shell. qml The way to remove the remnant bar that was floating there was to set: LauncherLoader { id: launcherLoader anchors
This question already has an answer here: How can I create launchers on my desktop? 17 answers To create Desktop shortcuts in Ubuntu,gnome-panel package is required first. Open Terminal. To open terminal click the Dash home from Unity launcher
The applications launchers Gnome knows about are . desktop files in /usr/share/applications, and ~/. local/share/applications
Ubuntu 14. 04 LTS 64-bit: I used to get an icon for my portable drive on insertion. I have accidentally lost this by clicking on 'Unlock from Launcher' instead of 'Eject'
Just as a follow up to this thread for the benefit of anyone else who might come across it in the future:1. Creating the launcher for "compiz --replace" DOES re-enable Compiz within Unity 2D, but it does not activate the 3D version. So while I'm stuc
Use IDE to create launcher. Open Tools -> Create Desktop Entry.
by user61928 Last Updated April 14, 2015 23:00 PM How can I make a bash script executable by double clicking just like . exe files in Windows? I tried creating a launcher and assigning the script to it, but there are two consequences: the terminal tw
For 12. 10Unity patch team at work!We have created a script that lets you enable/disable show-desktop icon. If you dont want to install a separate tool, grab our script and run it