Questions about: keyboard-layout

In Ubuntu 12. 04 LTS,Goto the Keyboard Layout Options window I could select Key(s) to change layout and mark the binding of my choice. I use Shift + CapsLock to toggle the layout from the keyboard itself without having to use mouse cursor to select t
Not only Mac users but what about remote administration of multiple machines?! Anybody ever remote desktop through multiple machines? Where does your Ctrl+Alt+End key combination (that's not written anywhere on screen like an actual intuitive interfa
I have changed the keyboard layout from English (UK) to English (US) via System Settings. But it just works for GUI, the keyboard layout on tty remained unchanged. Other Tips
A confirmed bug in Ubuntu 13. 10 prevents users from switching layouts using combinations like Alt+Shift, Caps Lock, Ctrl+Shift etc. The bug affects many people, its importance is set to “High”, so we may expect that an official fix will be released
Meta, Super and Hyper are Modifier keys that modify the key’s function. They are specific to the Symbolics Space Cadet Keyboard used on Lisp machines back in the day. Their function is sometimes emulated using other keys