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To temporarily add a boot parameter to a kernel: Start your system and wait for the GRUB menu to show (if you don't see a GRUB menu, press and hold the left Shift key right after starting the system). Now highlight the kernel you want to use, and pre
There is no cross-distribution way. However: Redhat and friends: Test for /etc/redhat-release, check contents Debian: Test for /etc/debian_version, check contents Mandriva and friends: Test for /etc/version, check contents Slackware: Test for /etc/sl
Hi, I've a Problem with VMware Player since one or two month now. When I try to start the player I got the message: Before you can run VMware, several modules must be compiled and loaded into the running kernel. Kernel headers for version 3
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The expression . * is expanded by bash to include the current and parent directories: $ ls -la total 2600 drwxrwxrwx 2 terdon terdon 2162688 Sep 10 16:22 . drwxr-xr-x 142 terdon terdon 491520 Sep 10 15:34
I'm doing a Windows 7 reinstall on my 8700 and have a GT635 graphics card. The video driver on the Dell website is version 311. 47
My boot partition is on a SSD, so it doesn't have room for more than about 8 installed kernel versions, and eventually some kernel update will fail to install because my boot partition is full of old versions. There are many questions out there about
Edit: Remember to read the comments of this question as other users provided more up-to-date and accurate solutions. Okay so what I did was, when it said The path "" is not a valid path to the 3. 8
I successfully updated my Ubuntu 14. 10 installation to the 3. 17
The error message means that your CPU does not support PAE extensions – that is a technique which allows a 32bit CPU to address more than 4GB of memory address space. By default, 12. 04 and later versions of Ubuntu expects a CPU with this capability: