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I have often ran into the trouble of not enough space in my /boot directory when I am processing updates. For others who have run into this issue here is how to purge old kernels from your system and grub configuration. While updating servers you may
/should-i-upgrade-to-the-mainline-kernels 06/03/2017 · Step 2: Upgrading Kernel in Ubuntu. To upgrade the kernel in Ubuntu, go to http://kernel. ubuntu
Here's an easy how-to guide on how to find the latest mainline, stable, or longterm Linux kernel and how to upgrade to it. You can open System Monitor and go to the first tab to see what kernel you currently have. First, check out http://www
I was trying to delete old kernels, but I must have deleted all of the kernels on my Ubuntu 11. 04 laptop. Is there any way to fix this via USB boot or mounting hard drive on another system? Boot into a live CD (or live USB), mount some systems, chro
I just realized, the kernels I have immediate access to do have the version string stored uncompressed amongst the headers. strings uImage | grep 2. 6 ought to be good enough for any 2
Prior warning: bcache can not be used for your existing Ubuntu installation. If you need SSD caching for your operating system you should wait for a future or special version of the Ubuntu installer which could set up your SSD cache. See this answer
ACPI PCC Probe Failed is the error that pops up instead of the default GRUB loader after I updated my kernel to 3. 19. I searched around and couldn't find much information except that it is a known error and it is registered in kernel
Related to : C header files- how to install?C header files- how to install? Linux hi!im trying to install vmware on my mdk10. 1 guest, host windows 2003. while running vmware configuration tool, im stumped by this error:what is the location of the di
NTFS-3G is quite slow (yay, undocumented file systems), although it shouldn't be that slow. The USB 3. 0 port itself is detected, not sure if the hard drive is detected as supporting USB 3
jdmcdaniel3 wrote:> Perhaps so however, as the kernel-rt source gets older, its not going> to be a choice for openSUSE. Any idea why the support for this is no> longer there for us?>Maybe because a RT kernel does not make that much sense