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I've been trying to install the Java plugin for Chrome for a couple hours now, and I figured it was time to ask people with more experience. I can't seem to get it working. My current Java version is the 64-bit OpenJDK 1
The most voted answer which suggests to use update-alternatives only partially answers the question and in fact could be dangerous to follow. By using it you very likely to end up with your Java environment being inconsistent. This is especially impo
Seems like the correct issue/bug for OP is actually this: IDEA-78860 This is not a Ubuntu version specific, but X Window / IBus problem and it is still happening in Ubuntu 14. 04 with IBus < 1. 5
This command should tell you what is currently providing the Java virtual machine (java) and the Java compiler (javac): file /etc/alternatives/java /etc/alternatives/javac This assumes the "alternatives" system is working properly, which might not be
This article will show you how to install Gradle on Ubuntu 16. 04(Xenial Xerus). There are 2 approaches to install Gradle on Ubuntu
Many web pages use Java applets for interactive content such as online games. Before Firefox can run Java applets you must have the Java plugin properly installed and enabled. Java is a programming language that can run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and ot
I am a network admin who recently made the switch from MS-Windows to Ubuntu Linux. I need to use Java and Firefox web browser plugin to run java applet. I am unable to access many devices such as Firewall appliance, LBS/VPX, and network equipments du
How To Install Java Plugin For Google Chrome Internet Help BasicsFull Download How To Install Java Plugin For Google Chrome Internet Help Basics Games With Gameplay Walkthrough Full Guide And Tutorial Video HD. Download How To Install Java Plugin For
How do I change the value of JAVA_HOME in Ubuntu to point to Oracle’s Java? My second question is – should it point to java-6-sun or java-6-sun-1. 6. 0
If OpenJDK/OpenJRE works fine for you, I recommend using that package instead as suggested by @SAM. However, some software really requires Oracle's JDK/JRE. This answer is how to silence the license question with the Oracle package from the PPA