Is there an offline command-line dictionary?


en Sometimes, you only want to enter one command on the command line. In these cases, you do not need a full-blown terminal. Just hit Alt; F# and you get a small command line where you can enter one command. The command line window will disappear afterwards, but it remembers your command

ru Иногда надо ввести только одну команду из командной строки. В этом случае нет необходимости в полнофункциональном терминале. Нажмите Alt; F#, и вы получите небольшую командную строку, где можно ввести одну команду. После выполнения команды окно командной строки исчезнет, но оно будет помнить вашу команду

en Kate 's editor component has an internal command line, allowing you to perform various actions from a minimal GUI. The command line is a text entry in the bottom of the editor area, to show it select View Switch to Command Line or use the shortcut (default is F#). The editor provides a set of commands as documented below, and additional commands can be provided by plugins

ru Модуль...
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Advanced Reliable Software, Inc. Shareware

Automates the task of merging multiple PDF files into one PDF document.

Advanced Reliable Software, Inc. 2 Shareware

Automates extraction of specific pages or page ranges from PDF documents.

VERTX Systems 5 Shareware

Merge pdf files into a single file and automate processing.

Advanced Reliable Software, Inc. Shareware

Automates stamping of PDF documents with single-line or multiple-line verbiage.

3 Armenian Dictionary Software Inc. 160 Shareware

English & Armenian Dictionary is a two-way and unique dictionary.

PDF-Convert 51 Shareware

A robust yet flexible tool to create PDF files out of MS Excel spreadsheets.

1 A-PDF Inc. 81 Shareware

A-PDF AutoCAD to PDF is a fast utility to allow you to...

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Which dictionary do you want? MacOSX has two of them. is the full-featured dictionary with definitions, pronunciations, thesaurus, pictures, etc. As far as I know, there is no way to use this program from the command line as it all of its functionality is in the user interface.

There is also the spell-checking dictionary. That is what puts the red lines under misspelled words. This dictionary is much simpler, but has an API that a programmer can use.

The only command-line interface to the spell-checking dictionary is one that I wrote myself. You can download it from my freeware site.

(Note to moderators: as far as I know, there is no way for me to directly earn money from the link...

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Adrianus Waworuntu Dean of Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia

"I am Adrianus Waworuntu, Dean of Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia. It is such a wonderful pleasure to work together with Navers in their Line bilingual English-Indonesian Dictionary translation project, which has been intensively undertaken over the past few months. We are honored that Navers has chosen to cooperate with our institution in accomplishing such an enormous translating task, which involves no less than 100.000 sentences, varying in length and degree of difficulty, which have posed a great yet productive challenge for translators and editors alike. 10 best English-major students at our faculty have been chosen to carry out the actual translation, which ensures the best possible translation of each given expression, which is further enhanced and refined by two editors with extensive range of experience in both English and...

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We all need to look for word definition. Online dictionaries and wikipedia are great but we are not always connected to the net. sdcv is a console version of StarDict dictionary. Using sdcv you can search for definitions while still offline. So here are the step to install and make use of this great program.

Step 1. Installation

On Ubuntu

Open Up terminal and type:

$ sudo apt-get install sdcv

On Fedora

$ su -c “yum install sdcv”

On Mac OS X

Mac OS comes with a great GUI based dictionary, but cli enthusiasts will enjoy sdcv.

Please install Macports and then open Finder, Go to Application Folder > Utilities Folder and launch terminal and type

$sudo port install sdcv

Now that we have installed sdcv, we need to download dictionary files from the net.

Go to this site1 , site 2 and download dictionary files according to you requirements. For open source fans, Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing...

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Earlier, when we were developing the static code analyzer PVS-Studio to search for 64-bit and parallel errors, we solved this task with the help of script files of Windows command line.

Ранее разрабатывая статический анализатор кода PVS-Studio для поиска 64-битных и параллельных ошибок, мы решали данную задачу с помощью файлов сценариев командной строки Windows.

In this article, we show you how to perform similar configurations of the new Windows 2008 Server Advanced Firewall, but totally from the Windows command line interface (CLI), using the netsh utility.

В этой же статье мы вам покажем, как выполнять основные настройки нового брандмауэра (Advanced Firewall) Windows 2008 Server, но только через командную строку интерфейса (CLI) Windows, используя служебную программу netsh.

Other results

Command line argument is not valid. Consult the Windows Installer SDK for detailed command line help.


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firewall-offline-cmd - firewalld offline command line client


firewall-offline-cmd [OPTIONS...]


firewall-offline-cmd is an offline command line client of the firewalld daemon. It should be used only if the firewalld service is not running. For example to migrate from system-config-firewall/lokkit or in the install environment to configure firewall settings with kickstart. Some lokkit options can not be automatically converted for firewalld, they will result in an error or warning message. This tool tries to convert as much as possible, but there are limitations for example with custom rules, modules and masquerading. Check the firewall configuration after using this tool.


The options for firewall-offline-cmd are nearly identical to the options of lokkit. The following options are supported: Help Options -h, --help ...
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Several years ago when ClickOnce first emerged I thought it was a great idea. Unfortunately at the time, I found it so difficult and tedious that I didn’t play with it for long. My buddy Stuart was at my office recently and I was lamenting some distribution issues I was having with one of our WPF apps.

One of our deployed apps changes frequently, and I don’t send out updates as often as I should because our users environments typical limit their install rights (not to mention many of them don’t even have IT staffs). This means they rarely have the latest and greatest because it can be a serious ordeal to deploy the changes. Stuart brought up ClickOnce, and the discussion quickly came to the question “what happens when the user doesn’t have administrator rights?” Naturally, we had to put this to the test!

What I love about ClickOnce

I love how easy it is to setup and use – We spent about an hour playing with ClickOnce and I was amazed to find how far the...

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Apple's name for the PowerPC 750 chip. It is short for Generation 3. Not the same as 3G. This has a processor speed of 200 to 233 mhz, has a 512 kb to 1mb L2 cache of half speed and a 66 mhz bus. See FSB.


Apple's name for the power plant CPU of the super cube computer of 2000. It is short for Generation 4. Not the same as 4G. This has a processor speed of 400 to 450 mhz, has a 1mb L2 cache of half speed and a 100 mhz bus. See FSB.


The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Study Group 15 / Question 4 is focusing on a number DSL type modem standards. During the working group meetings a designation was required to differentiate among the various options. For this sector of the ITU, standards are designated with a "G". For working group purposes g.lite was designated as the placeholder name for a light version of ADSL. There is also g.dmt, g.hs (handshake), and g.test.


Gain is often quoted in the...

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It wasn't trendy, funny, nor was it coined on Twitter, but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined 2010. Unlike in 2008, change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here's an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in 2010:

The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change? Has there been too much? Meanwhile, many Americans continue to face change in their homes, bank accounts and jobs. Only time will tell if the latest wave of change Americans voted for in the midterm elections will result in a negative or positive...

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