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# February 12, 2013 at 9:55 pm @Dami – do you need to support IE input:not(. normal){/*This is your existing style rule. Simply change the selector from"input" to"input:not(
For 13. 04:The migration of Pidgin to the new libmessaging-menu API, which caused this issue, is now done for Pidgin, but still under testing. Also, only a Ubuntu 13
So I have looked online (believe it or not) and I can't seem to find anything to help me with my issue. My clock just disappeared. Here's a screenshot! Similar thing happened to me after upgrade to 13
Using dconf-editor you can set various options to control the indicator-datetime applet Navigate to com. canonical. indicator
Psensors has temp indicators. Add ppa:jfi/ppa to your repositories (or just add nothing if are on 15. 04 (Vivid) or later) and then install psensor (and its dependents) in Synaptic
Hi, yesterday I was tweaking the settings to enable more than four workspaces. I managed, but today when I switched on the computer, the Unity sidebar was missing (and also the top bar). I think it might be connected to the way I was first trying to
Instructions to Enable sorting the Dropbox Indicator Follow Ted Gould's instructions then if you would like to sort the Dropbox indicator, here are a few more steps: Note: If you edited the file in /usr/share/. .
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