In VirtualBox, how do I set up host-only virtual machines that can access the Internet?


Hi guys,

The title of this post can be misleading but basically the challenge I would like us to solve is pretty simple. There are situations where a guest OS on vitualbox will need to have Internet connection which is by default through the NAT interface. But that will limit your access to the client virtualbox frame which is a direct access to the guest machine. The IP assigned to the guest is not reachable by the host(since it’s in different subnet), so there is no way to connect to the guest machine using your favorite ssh client under NAT adapter.

Maybe if you are in an organization and IPs are assigned by a DHCP server, in that case if you choose to set a bridge adapter you would have your guest OS would be a node on the network. That also works but the downside of that is that if you have a laptop and wants to work on your guest at home, it might not be accessible.

Now that the problem statement is made let’s start working a really simple solution.Just...

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This article describes how to set up a virtual LAN with a virtual router and virtual computers. It is isolated from your physical LAN and meant to test setups with multiple computers in the same LAN.

Intended audience
This is for everyone who wants to experiment with networked servers isolated from their production network. Some understanding of basic networking is necessary.

One reasonably fast computer and enough storage space.

What is VirtualBox?
VirtualBox is a type 2 hypervisor, which means it is a program installed on an operating system. Type 1’s are installed on the ‘bare metal’, so without an underlying operating system. In that sense VirtualBox is somewhat easier to configure and use. Type 1’s are more suited for *dedicated* virtual hosts although VirtualBox does a very decent job and is certainly capable for servicing smaller environments.

VirtualBox is open source (GPL 2) and free for both personal and...

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Hi all,

I have a Windows 7 OS laptop, running Virtual Box for Windows 4.1.2, and I have ONE Windows 2008 Server (64bit), running in a VM in Virtual Box, and no matter what I do to get internet 'into' my Server 2008 VM, I simply cant get it to work.

I have got my network interface set as, HOST-ONLY adapter, Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop and the IP config is set as with a mask. I have adjusted pretty much everything...but there must be something i am missing. I can access it via UNC so there is connectivity to it, (netowrk wise) but there is no internet access from within the VM.

Just a quick note: The one server i am trying to get working is setup with DNS, DHCP and has Active Directory on it too, AND i DO NOT have DHCP setup on my Network Adapter in the Virtual Box settings. I doubt this shoudl affect the internet connectivity though (??)

In a nutshell, I am setting up a home lab and I want to sort out this internet issue before I...

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System Manufacturer/Model Number ASUS K53TA-BBR6
OS Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Memory 8GB DDR3 1333MHz
Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 6520G 512MB + AMD Radeon 6650M 1GB
Sound Card RealTek HD Sound
Monitor(s) Displays 15.6"
Screen Resolution 1366 * 768

Mouse Logitech Wireless Mouse
Hard Drives Seagate Momentus 500GB 5400RPM
Internet Speed ATT DSL 1.5Mbits/s

System Manufacturer/Model Number AOpen MP45
OS Windows 7 Pro x86
CPU T6600 @ 0.975V
Motherboard i45GMx-I
Memory 4GB DDRII-800
Graphics Card Onboard Intel 4500mhd
Sound Card Onboard Realtek + SteelSeries USB
Monitor(s) Displays Asus ProArt 246
Screen Resolution 1920x1200

Keyboard Cherry G230
Mouse MS Wireless 3500
Hard Drives Seagate Momentus XT 750

Computer type Laptop
System Manufacturer/Model Number...

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With VirtualBox, a virtualization software package developed by Sun Microsystems, you run an operating system simultanously with the system that you have booted from. The operating system installed inside VirtualBox is called guest while the operating system which is running VirtualBox is called your host system.

You can assign it as much RAM and disk capacity as you want, of course by respecting the maximum available RAM and disk space. Also are you abstracting from your actual hardware. Even the network will be abstracted.

By default every virtual machine has its own local network which has access to the internet while you deny access from your host system. The technique behind the scene is called NAT which does exactly the same as your FRITZ!Box where people behind it cannot access your computer unless you forward ports.

However if you have a web server running on your virtual machine that you want to access from your host system or from other virtual...

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Edit: November 3, 2016. This post was originally written for Cuckoo 0.4.2. It is still current for the latest release candidate (2.0-rc1).

The purpose of this post is to guide you through setting up host-only networking using VirtualBox for Cuckoo Sandbox. Using this method you can have multiple analysis machines running on the same server concurrently while giving all of them access to the Internet. This method is preferred over bridged networking because you only need one external IP. This post assumes that you have Virtualbox and your guest VMs installed and Cuckoo extracted somewhere.

First create a host-only interface on host:

vboxmanage hostonlyif create vboxmanage hostonlyif ipconfig vboxnet0 --ip

Now you should see vboxnet0 configured with that IP when running ifconfig:

vboxnet0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 0A:00:27:00:00:00 inet addr: Bcast: Mask: inet6 addr: fe80::800:27ff:fe00:0/64...
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Microsoft Windows XP is an old operating system that has reached the end of its support from Microsoft. But if you’re still required to run it, then the best way to do so is to execute it on a virtual machine.

I completely switched to ‘Linux‘ about a year ago and personally, and starting very recently, I wanted to run Windows XP because I have to use a couple of applications that’re only designed to run in Windows, and for a couple of months I’ve been using my licensed Windows 8.1 in a virtual machine on Ubuntu 15.10 just for the sake of running those applications. But my laptop only has 4 GB of RAM and when using Windows 8.1 virtual machine (I use VirtualBox and have allocated 1.4 GB of RAM for Windows 8.1) alongside my web browser with 8-12 tabs opened in Ubuntu 15.10, it really slows things down due to the heavy memory usage.

So recently I switched to a Windows XP virtual machine to see if I can counteract this somehow. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and...

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From VirtualBox’s guest machines you can directly access the host computer shared folders. This is made possible by VirtualBox host folder sharing feature. With shared folders, you can easily share files among virtual machines and the host computer. Folder sharing exposes the host computer files and folders to the virtual machines.

To use shared folders, you must have the current version of VirtualBox Guest Additions… installed on the guest operating system and you must configure your guest machines settings to specify which directories are to be shared.

This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to enable VirtualBox host folder sharing so guest machines can directly access folders shared on the host computer. Without this folder sharing feature, it would be very difficult getting huge files or folders to the guest machine.

With it, all you have to do is share the folder to the guest machine and from the virtual machine access the folder content...

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TLDR version: the host must have an Internet connection and the guest VM a virtual network adapter that is either bridged to the host or using virtual NAT.

NOTE: Everything below mostly assumes the use of network addresses using IPv4 (32-bit numbers written as 4 integers between 0 and 255 - e.g, and not IPv6 (128-bit numbers written in hexadecimal separated by : - e.g., 2605:6000:f0c1:61f0:f0b9:9380:4a39:9395).

IPv6 (in general) does not use NAT and can be really confusing! Not all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) properly provide IPv6 and, even when they do, most consumer grade routers do not pass the connection correctly to the local area network.

For instance, my AT&T U-verse connection, with them providing the router integrated into the modem, has working IPv6 connectivity to the Internet from the LAN.

My connection with Spectrum (Time Warner) Business has working IPv6 for systems directly connected to the modem but systems (including...

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To assign static ip address on your VirtualBox VM instance, you’ll first need to setup a Host-Only network in VirtualBox Network Settings, add a new adapter in network of VM instance, assign static ip configuration in the OS present in VM instance.

Step 1: Set up a Host-Only network in VirtualBox Network

Select File > Preferences (Please do not select the settings of a vm instance, you need to go to virtual box settings). Select Network in the list on the left pane. Select "Host-only Networks" tab Initially "Host-only Networks" tab use to be empty. Click the topmost one (with a green plus symbol) to add a new network. Clicking it will create a new Host-only network.

Add Host-only Networks details

Click Host only network details icon:

In the Adapter tab add the following details:

IPv4 Address:
IPv4 Network Mask:

You can have IP of your own choice.

In the DHCP Server tab add the...

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(answer to question by bernd_k)

For sharing files between the host and guests, one actually shares directories rather than files.

If the network mode is bridged or NAT, then the host and guests are each equal network partners. Although the whole setup is contained in the one host, network-wise they are all equal on the network, as if they were physical machines. (NAT is sometimes more problematic to use than bridged.)

This way, any shared folder in any computer, virtual or physical, is available to all. Because not all virtual machines may be turned on all the time, it makes sense to setup one folder of the host as the shared folder. The host then shares the folder, and the virtual machines use it as-is or as a mapped drive.

The following article explains with great detail how to share folders in Windows :
How do I share folders in Windows 7 with the Shared Folder...

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After the creation of host-only adapters with VirtualBox 5.0.2-102096 on a Windows 10.0.10240 host (which was fixed with #14040), all newly created interfaces disappear when reopening the network preferences dialog. It also impossible to assign host-only adapters to existing VMs. The adapters do appear in Windows Device manager though.

I get the same results when using the command lines tools. The creation of new interfaces works without problems:

C:\> VBoxManage.exe hostonlyif create 0%...10%...20%...30%...40%...50%...60%...70%...80%...90%...100% Interface 'VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter #5' was successfully created

But VirtualBox can't find the adapters, as the following command does not return any output:

$ VBoxManage.exe list...
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I have often had to answer questions on setting up advanced networking with VirtualBox. The most common ones are along the lines of:

Connecting to a VirtualBox machine from the host, using an ip address

and others of a similar ilk.

Well, let’s delve into the mysteries of VirtualBox’s networking (and networking in general) to unravel the secrets behind setting it all up right.

VirtualBox has 4 basic types of network available:

Internal Network

This is a special virtual network which is only able to communicate between guest operating systems within the same VirtualBox installation. It is ideal for setting up virtual networks for testing out advanced routing without the worry of interfering with your real network.


This shares your computer’s IP address to give your virtual machine access to the rest of the network, and to the internet. It basically allows your virtual machine access to pretty much anything that your real computer...

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By Sergei Romanenko

October, 2013

This article describes the installation of Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( 64-bit) RAC on Linux (Oracle Linux 6.4 64-bit) using VirtualBox (4.2.18). Highlights of this installation procedure:

Smallest possible footprint in terms of RAM and disk space without noticeable performance hit; Short and fast way to get RAC installed and running. Only required operations included. If you can find more efficient way, please let me know; Both ASMLib and Udev shared disk configurations are covered; GUI-maximized, it is friendly for beginners, saves time for experienced veterans;



This is my second article on Oracle RAC installed in VirtualBox. The first one was about RAC version 11g, which drew very positive feedback from readers. Over last year, I became very active user of VirtualBox, this is quite stable piece of software and I moved many aging physical computers in my household into...

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Penetration testing requirements often force penetration testers to do both external as well as internal assessments. This article covers the concepts that are required to setup a pentest lab in VirtualBox, which looks like a real network for a small-scale organization. This can be used as a base for setting up more advanced labs to practice penetration testing concepts in a legal environment.

Before proceeding further, here is a quick note about licensing. Windows Operating Systems that we use in this article must be purchased from Microsoft or you can go with trial versions available.

Let’s begin

Following is the network we are going to setup in this article.

I am using Mac as host machine ( and am connected to a wireless router (

Required Software:

VirtualBox Kali Linux Windows Server 2003 pfSense Windows 7


Install VirtualBox in your host machine. VirtualBox can be...

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Remove all virtualbox packages from system then install package from it's all because of missing /usr/lib/virtualbox/VBoxNetNAT binary , internet access in NAT network mode doesn't work. This is not a default option NAT.

Normally it should run this file like:

/usr/lib/virtualbox/VBoxNetNAT --ip-address --netmask --network NatNetwork --trunk-type whatever

But without this file, guest only get IP Address from DHCP server and it can't connect to Internet. Communication between guest works very well.

After uninstalling all virtualbox packages and installing package (5.1.4-110228~Ubuntu~trusty) from , /usr/lib/virtualbox/VBoxNetNAT connect to Internet very...

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