I installed an alpha or beta, am I up to date with the final release if I keep upgrading?


IMPORTANT UPDATE - I have posted an updated set of steps for working around package load failures. Please read that blog post instead of this post because it contains additional information not listed here. I do not want to take this post down because I want to keep the comments so others can read them, but this post is essentially obsolete due to the new blog entry I have posted.

Since the final release of Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0, I have heard from several customers who have been using beta versions of VS, SQL and .NET 2.0, and have followed the uninstall steps to the best of their ability (including trying the auto-uninstall tool linked at the top of the uninstall instructions page) but are still encountering Package Load Failure error messages in the VS IDE after installing the final release.

If you currently have the final release of any version of VS 2005 installed (including the Express Editions), and you are encountering package load...

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It is the same as building a house. First is the surveying of the land to make sure it is right, building permits. Then decide where is the best place to build it, getting with the architect on the design (that can take some time !). It takes a while to get the sewage, electrical and gas lines laid, then the foundation, the frame, waiting for the plumbers, electricians, inspectors to check it out and make sure it is being built to code (no pun intended). Then, the final aspect, flooring, paining wall, curtains, appliances, furniture, landscaping and much more has to be done.

I would go that the FPs are now inspectors are checking it out, the dry wall need to be applied, subflooring added, and much more before the carpet, hardwood or whatever type of flooring the buyer wants put down. It took my hubby and me three weeks to pick out carpet for our home, and what was after a lot of fighting over type and color and coming up with a compromise.

If you want to do the comparison,...

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Before every official "x.0" stable release of a new major version of Drupal core, there are usually a handful of alpha releases, beta releases and release candidates that are made available. These releases are not yet stable enough for production use but are essential milestones on the way towards the official release. They allow a much wider pool of users to test the latest code and provide feedback before the official stable release. These releases should only be downloaded and used by developers very familiar with Drupal or those wishing to help find bugs in the software.

The guidelines below are for Drupal core. Some maintainers of contributed modules and themes might choose to provide alpha or beta releases or release candidates of their projects (though this is not required). You should read the release notes carefully in these cases, since the details might vary across projects, though the basics explained here should hold (an "alpha" is less stable than a "beta",...

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How can I upgrade to the next version

There's basically no point in upgrading to Yakkety at this point. It exists as a release in the archive, but isn't open for development, the Debian auto-sync hasn't started, and you can't really do anything useful. Unless you're a toolchain hacker or have special interest in a particular Debian sync issue, it's going to stay this way until after UDS.

That said, if you just want to feel like an early adopter, you can upgrade by replacing all instances of "This_version" in your /etc/apt/sources.list with "the_next_version", using the following command, this example uses the current released and testing versions names:

sudo sed -i 's/zesty/artful/g' /etc/apt/sources.list

Once you've changed the version names use the following command:

Other methods such as using Update Manager will not be working until around Alpha 1. Be advised that "apt-get dist-upgrade"ing isn't a supported upgrade method for regular upgrades;...

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After a long time we finaly decided to release our final version of Alpha Project, this version includes lots of fixes and also new features which we hope you guys will enjoy!

Hello Alpha Project Community!

Yes, its finaly time to get 0.31 out to you, it was a long ride and i wont lie to you, it was a hard one. We stumbled over lots of problems and bugs we couldnt redeem entirely however this version is running now smooth unlike it was the case with the 0.3 beta release.

The decision for this to be the final version of our mod wasnt done in one day i can gurantee you it took us a long time and wasnt easy, but as someone once already said, "everything that has an beginning has an end"

With this i want to thank everyone involved in this project all these years and thank all those who contributed their work to our mod, it was a fun ride and i feel honored to be able to work with so many skilled modders from all around the world ;)

So, enough talking,...

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If you're already running OS X Yosemite gold master release candidate 3 (GM 3) or public beta 6 (PB 6), you won't need to update to the final release version in the Mac App Store (MAS). While there are minor differences in build numbers between the versions, Apple is considering both GM 3 and PB 6 as "final" and not offering the MAS version to anyone with either of them already installed.

Yes, if you're really fussy about your binary bits, you can download the final version from the MAS and run the installer anyway, but it's more gigabytes to download for very little difference, so only true completion-ists should even think about considering it.

Otherwise, whenever Apple releases the next point update — OS X 10.10.x — you'll get it same as everyone else, and be on the same build as everyone else going forward.

If you're on GM 3 or PB 6 and still debating whether or not to manually do the upgrade, let me know what you...

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In a post from a few days ago, I outlined the changes which had been made to Luca Todesco’s yalu102 tool as it passed through its beta builds, which at that point had reached Beta 3.

The jailbreak tool is now on its seventh iteration, and in this article I’ll outline the changelog for each beta, as well as my opinion on the tool’s current state.


Beta 1: Initial release. Updated from the previous tool for iOS 10(.1(.1)), and with the addition of functional Cydia Substrate.

Beta 2: Support for devices with a 4k memory page size. Initial support was for 16k devices only, which is the iPhone 6s and newer. This beta brought support to the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, etc.

Beta 3: Fixes for interfacing with the Apple Watch.

Beta 4: Do not use this beta as it had issues. It has now been superseded.

Patches the vulnerability used by yalu102 in the first place. This means that the tool now fixes the exploit it uses to jailbreak...

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translation services

Firestorm Public Beta (for all supported Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems)

We had hoped to be able to have all the latest Linden Lab bug fixes and service improvements in our next release, but it looks like it’ll be another month or two before that code is ready from LL. But we also wanted to get a release out before 2014 with the latest (released) code from LL and the latest Firestorm development work. This includes new features like Content Import/Export and Collada Export, plus new features from LL like Materials, ribbon particles, etc. Click for the complete “Change Log” and “Known Issues“. Unfortunately we only have a small window of time to get a release out before 2014 due to the coming holidays, so we haven’t had time to polish it up to our normal quality standards; thus we are calling this a BETA. This means it should be considered a fully supported release, but expect it to have some quirky bugs here and there. Upgrading to...

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