How to restart the networking service?


I tried to use

sudo service networking restart


sudo /etc/init.d/network restart

but they both crash the window manager and I can no longer use my keyboard for input into X.

when I use the /etc/init.d/ method it complains saying that I should use the service utility

e.g. service networking restart

but it crashes just the same.

Is there a GUI method of restarting networking?

Answer #: 1


sudo service network-manager restart


Ubuntu uses network-manager instead of the traditional Linux networking model. so you should restart the network-manager service instead of the network service. Or use ifup/down.

Answer #: 2

Restarting networking on a desktop machine will cause dbus and a bunch of service to stop and never be started again, usually leading to the whole system being unusable.

As Ubuntu does event based network bring up, there quite simply isn’t a way to undo it all and redo it all,...

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How to start/stop/restart networking service under Linux operating systems after making changes to IP configuration from a shell prompt ?

Use the following commands as per your Linux distribution to start/stop/restart the networking service.

RedHat / CentOS / Fedora

To start networking service, enter

# /etc/init.d/network start


# service network start

To stop networking service, enter

# /etc/init.d/network stop


# service network stop

To restart networking service, enter

# /etc/init.d/network restart


# service network restart

Ubuntu / Debian

To start networking service, enter

# sudo /etc/init.d/networking start


# sudo service networking start

To stop networking service, enter

# sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop


# sudo service networking stop

To restart networking service, enter

# sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart


# service networking restart...
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In Linux, every service can be rebooted. This is very usefull because you don’t need to restart the whole system, in order get the modifications applied.

In this article I will show you how to reboot the network (or networking) service in the most used Linux distros and FreeBSD.

How to restart the network in Fedora/CentOS/openSUSE:

$ sudo /etc/init.d/network restart


$ sudo service network restart

How to restart the network in Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint:

$ sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

How to restart the network in FreeBSD/PCBSD:

# /etc/rc.d/netif restart


# service netif restart

You can also start or stop services in Linux/Unix. Read more about managing services here.

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How to Restart Network Services

Once in a while, the network operating system (NOS) service which supports the task that's causing you trouble inexplicably stops or gets stuck. If users can't access a server, it may be because one of the key network services has stopped or is stuck.

You can review the status of services by using the Services tool, as shown in Figure 19-1. To display it, choose Services from the Administrative Tools menu. Review this list to make sure that all key services are running. If a key service is paused or stopped, restart it.

Figure 19-1: The Services tool.

Which service qualifies as a key service depends on which roles you defined for the server. Table 19-1 lists a few key services that are common to most Windows network operating systems. However, many servers require other services.

If you're using Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003, you can double-click a service to display a dialog box that...

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How do I start, stop, or restart networking service under HP-UX, OpenBSD, AIX and other Unix like operating systems?

You can use the following commands as per your UNIX operating systems.

HP-UX Unix start / stop / restart networking service

# /sbin/init.d/net stop
# /sbin/init.d/net start
# /sbin/init.d/hostname start

IBM AIX Unix start / stop / restart networking service

Simply type the following command to make changes to tcp/ip
# smitty mktcpip
Start network service:
# startsrc
Stop network service:
# startsrc

OpenBSD start / stop / restart networking service

See this faq for more information on how to restart networking service:
# sh /etc/netstart pnc0

FreeBSD start / stop / restart networking service

See this post for more information on how to restart networking service:
# /etc/rc.d/netif restart

Sun/Oracle Solaris Unix start / stop / restart...

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am a new Ubuntu Linux user and using it on my HP Laptop. Now, I need to restart my network service. How do I restart network under Ubuntu Linux? How can I restart networking service on Ubuntu LTS server? How do I successfully restart a network service without rebooting Ubuntu box?

Ubuntu Linux comes with a script called networking (

Ubuntu restart network

command). This script is used to activates or deactivates or restart all network interfaces (NIC) configured to start at boot time.

Ubuntu Linux restart network command

Open shell or terminal and type the command as follows:
$ sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart
You can also use the following command:
$ sudo service networking restart
Sample outputs:

* Running /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not enable again some interfaces * Reconfiguring network interfaces... * Disconnecting iSCSI targets ...done. * Stopping iSCSI...
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ow do I restart the networking on Ubuntu Linux system from a shell prompt?

You can easily restart, stop, or start networking service under Ubuntu Linux using a shell prompt. You can also restart networking remotely over ssh session. However, please do not stop networking service over ssh session as you will loss connectivity to the remote server. You can use the following tools:

How to restart network in Ubuntu Server:

/etc/init.d/networking restart script based command. service restart networking – Use service to run a System V init script such as networking. systemctl restart networking – Restart networking for the latest version of Ubuntu server.

The syntax is as follows to restart the networking on Ubuntu or Debian based operating systems.

Task: Restart networking under Ubuntu Linux

Open the terminal (bash shell command line) and type the following commands on the latest version of Ubuntu 16.04 or above:
$ sudo systemctl...

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How do I start / stop or restart networking service under Suse Linux without rebooting the server?

OpenSUSE and Suse Enterprise Linux provides /etc/init.d/network script, which can be used as follows to configure the network interfaces, set up routing and start / stop / restart network interface. You must login as root user to run commands.

Task: Start Network Service

# /etc/init.d/network start
# /etc/init.d/network start eth0

Task: Stop Network Service

# /etc/init.d/network stop
# /etc/init.d/network stop eth0

Task: Restart Network Service

# /etc/init.d/network restart
# /etc/init.d/network restart eth0
Sample outputs:

Shutting down network interfaces: eth0 device: Intel Corporation 82573E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Copper) (rev 03) eth0 configuration: eth-id-00:30:48:98:9c:bc done Hint: you may set mandatory devices in /etc/sysconfig/network/config Setting up network...
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recently installed CentOS Linux version 7 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 7. How can I restart networking service using command line options? How can I start / stop and restart networking service on a CentOS/RHEL 7 based system?

CentOS 7 / RHEL 7 / Fedora Linux (many other modern distor) uses Systemd. It is a system and service manager for Linux operating systems. In newer distro such as CentOS7/RHEL7 systemd replaces Upstart as the default init system.

In older versions of CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you used init scripts located in the /etc/rc.d/init.d/ directory. These init scripts were typically written in Bash, and allowed the system administrator to control the state of services and daemons in their system. In CentOS/RHEL 7, these init scripts have been replaced with service units.

CentOS 7 / RHEL 7 networking service name

To bring up/down networking service you need to use the network.service.

Say hello to systemctl...

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