How to find (and delete) duplicate files


Search for a duplicate-file-finder and you’ll find yourself bombarded with junkware-filled installers and paid applications. We’ve put together lists of the best free duplicate-file-finders so you can save some time.

The applications here cover Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and even Android. Apple’s iOS doesn’t offer a user-visible file system, so you can’t do this on an iPhone or iPad. No Chrome apps are currently available to do this on a Chromebook.


The biggest problem when searching for a duplicate-file-finder for Windows is all the junkware. There are many different duplicate-file-finder apps that probably work okay, but want to force various toolbars, search engine changes, and other junkware onto your system when you install them. There are also paid applications that you don’t really need to buy because freeware will work just fine for you.

We liked the dupeGuru applications for this, but Duplicate File Finder offers more basic and...

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Here’s what people are saying about Easy Duplicate Finder™

Easy Duplicate Finder™ is a feature-rich software application designed to automatically locate duplicate files on the computer, in order to remove them and declutter the disk. It features some advanced, yet user-friendly options.
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Easy Duplicate Finder™ is not only attractive, fast, flexible, highly customizable, and easy to use – it does work, which is much more than you can say for a number of its competitors.
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How many copies of the same picture, file, or video do you have on your PC? In my case, I must have two or three copies of some items, but I have no idea where the extras are. Easy Duplicate Finder™ helps locate all those duplicates quickly and lets you resolve them easily and safely.
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Maybe, you are perplexed there are so much duplicate files on your PC, because they are consuming your extra time and disk space. And, finding and deleting duplicate files is not one-time task, because after cleaned them, and your PC runs for a period, it may generate some new duplicate files due to downloading, copying, backing up, etc. At that time, you need to find and delete duplicate files again. So, you may need to learn how to find and delete duplicate files.

As you think, for a normal PC user, it is very hard to finish this manually, you may guess that it needs a software to finish.

Now, I recommend a good software to answer your question – how to find duplicate files?

Duplicate File Finder Plus (D2FP), small (549 KB), 100% true result (compares file contents), very quick (High-speed algorithm).

Now, follow me to learn how to find and delete duplicate files on PC!

Step 1: Download Duplicate File Finder Plus from its official site, or just...

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Finding duplicate files on your Mac is like finding a needle in a haystack: takes either superhuman patience, or a metal detector duplicate finder app. In this post, we’ll go over both manual and app-powered ways to remove all the useless copies that waste your disk space.

So, here’s how you can find and delete duplicate files on Mac:

Hand-pick the copies using Finder Find them with a Terminal command Use a duplicate file finder app.

There’s a chance you don’t feel like digging through all your folders or messing with the command line in pursuit of duplicates. If that’s the case, skip the first two options and get yourself an app. We recommend Gemini 2: The Duplicate File Finder — it lets you scan your whole disk, review the duplicates, and delete them with a click of a button. Or, if you’re ready to get your hands dirty, there are still the manual options, and we’ll take a closer look at them now.

How to find duplicate files using Finder.

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Nowadays storage is not a problem for most android devices. Android phones today come with a minimum storage capacity of at least 16GB and adding to that you even have the ability to increase your phone’s storage capacity by adding Micro SD cards up to 64GB in size.

When we have so much storage space at your disposal, most of us will dump whatever they can on their phone’s storage and eventually your phone’s storage will be filled up to the brim. As usual next thing most of us will do is to delete useless files and try to free up some extra space.

Deleting unnecessary files is a good idea, but most of us give a blind eye to duplicate files. On an average, about 10% of the physical storage on most devices is filled with duplicate files. Deleting these duplicate files will help you to free up additional space on your Android phone.

Deleting duplicate files manually won’t be a good idea, for instance duplicate files will always have the same file size but...

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The only thing that comes to our mind when we get low disk space notification is a disk cleanup. Although a disk cleanup is an effective way to reclaim hard disk space by deleting cache and temporary files, but if you want to free up some more space then deleting duplicate files will also help you get back considerable amount of disk space.

Obviously you can’t imagine spending your weekend hunting and dumping duplicate files on your computer manually. To make this task automatic, one of the best available options is NoDupe.

What is NoDupe

NoDupe is a free tool to find and delete duplicate files on your computer effectively and efficiently. While sometimes one might keep duplicate files at different locations deliberately for better organization, usually most of the duplicate files in the system get generated in the course of copy, paste and download activities, and getting rid of them to reclaim space becomes a necessity.

Note: NoDupe works only with...

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When the service time of your Mac get longer and longer, the files stored in it will be more and more. Your Mac’s hard drives will run out of space. And you have to transfer some files to your external hard drives, but this method just masks the symptoms. And after you transfer files many times, your external hard drives may be a sea of duplicate photos, music files, archives, videos and other files. So finding and removing duplicate files on Mac and external hard drives seems a good way to free up disk space to store files.

This article includes below contents:

Part 1. What bad influences will duplicate files bring to you?

Part 2. How to find and remove duplicate files on Mac or external hard drives

Part 3. More tips on finding and deleting duplicate files

Before showing users how to find duplicate files Mac, let us talk about the bad influences that duplicate files will bring to Mac. Just imagine, if there are so many duplicate files on...

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Duplication of files can eat up your Mac’s free space. Although most of the times it doesn’t happen intentionally, duplicate files can cram up space and run over your Mac pretty fast if you’re not clearing them out occasionally. If you are a writer, coder, designer or someone who works with multiple versions of a file over a short time, you might find your Mac inundated with duplicates (or near duplicates.)

The process of finding and deleting duplicate files is time consuming if one has to do it manually. However, there are many online services/apps that can help you if you to delete the duplicate files in auto mode.

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In this article, we’ll how to use “Duplicate Detective” app to find and delete your duplicate files. Here is how to use Duplicate Detective app on your Mac:

Step 1: Download Duplicate Detective for your Mac (This app is on sale right now (at the time of publishing...

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With the presence of duplicate music files on your device, the memory space will be taken up. When you try to delete the duplicate files, you will also find it annoying to find the target file and delete them one by one. This problem happens is due to iTunes cannot distinguish the music files and still keep the duplicate files on its list. So how to solve this problem exactly?

We will offer you three ways to find and delete the duplicate music in this article as follows:

Solution 1. Use TunesGo to find and delete duplicate music files

Deleting duplicate music files on your iTunes manually seems to be a tedious job. Due to the large amount of duplicated files on your iTunes, you’d better use a professional tool to help you manage the duplicate files. TunesGo is one helpful program you can use which makes the whole process easier than ever. It can come across iTunes’ restriction and enable you to find the duplicate music files for you. Just follow the...

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Any of the programs mentioned above, or any other program of this type cannot not make a real safe determination about unnecessary files.

Most of these programs at best can id duplicate files based on name, size, and date. However, it is dangerous to delete automatically without looking and make sure that it is not really unneeded duplicate.

This has to be a Human determination. I have a lot of Music, Picture s, Documents, and Application. How any program,or any other person can determine for me what I need, and what is unnecessary

If you are not sure about specific System (OS) Files, make a list and post it.

We can do almost any thing with software, but that does not mean that every thing that is Done is really useful.

Jack-MVP Windows Networking....

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When you are filling your iPod with music, it is inevitable that you will forget what you have on it at some point. If you are a music buff, you may have thousands of songs you have to sort through in iTunes. Finding those duplicate files in iTunes can be frustrating and time consuming if you go through files one by one.

iTunes has a built-in feature that lets you find duplicate files. It is easy to use, takes little time and allows you to easily find duplicates and clean up the duplicate music files.

How to find duplicate files in iTunes

There are two ways to find duplicate files in iTunes. You can either do it manually or use the built-in tool iTunes has to find them for you. While both methods have their individual uses, they both should be used to thoroughly go through your collection when necessary.

In the manual method, you want to organize all your songs by “Name.” You can then go through your entire music collection to see which songs are...

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Sometimes, we’d like to copy files from one folder to another in order to have a better management of our photos, songs or documents. But do you know that these duplicate files can take up much disk space on your Mac? With time goes by, your Mac may run out of space because of these duplicates. No one wants to get into this situation. So just take action to delete some unwanted duplicates on your Mac to free up disk space.

How to Delete Duplicate Files on Mac

Removing the duplicates from your Mac is not an easy job, and it could be a time-consuming and tedious work to manually search all the duplicate files. We are here to help. In this guide we will introduce you a free and multifunctional Mac cleaning software to help you quickly find and get rid of duplicate files on your Mac.

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The Smart Tool We Will Use

MacClean is everything you need to find and remove the duplicate files on Mac. As its name...

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dupeGuru is a tool to find duplicate files on your computer. It can scan either filenames or contents. The filename scan features a fuzzy matching algorithm that can find duplicate filenames even when they are not exactly the same. dupeGuru runs on Mac OS X and Linux.

Windows used to be supported, but it's not anymore.

dupeGuru is efficient. Find your duplicate files in minutes, thanks to its quick fuzzy matching algorithm. dupeGuru not only finds filenames that are the same, but it also finds similar filenames.

dupeGuru is good with music. It has a special Music mode that can scan tags and shows music-specific information in the duplicate results window.

dupeGuru is good with pictures. It has a special Picture mode that can scan pictures fuzzily, allowing you to find pictures that are similar, but not exactly the same.

dupeGuru is customizable. You can tweak its matching engine to find exactly the kind of duplicates you want to find. The...

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In this tutorial we will guide you how to find duplicate files on Mac and then delete them if needed. Finding files and then deleting them on Mac is fairly easy. For that open the file directory and search for the folders you wish to delete.
To understand how delete files on Mac follow the tutorial given below.

Step 1 – Download mackeeper

For this, we will be downloading mackeeper, an application that allows you to find and delete duplicate files.
You can download the application form
Once you have installed the application, it will automatically open up.
Now, let’s move to the Duplicates Finder section over here and all you have to do is to click on the Start Scan option and the application would start searching.

Step 2 – Search a different directory

If you want to search a different directory, simply click on the Change Folder option.

Step 3 – Select a different directory


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I use fdupes for this. It is a commandline program. You can call it like fdupes -r /dir/ect/ory and it will print out a list of dupes. fdupes has also a Wikipedia article, which lists some more programs.

FSlint has a GUI and some other features. The explanation of the duplicate checking algorithm from their FAQ:

1. exclude files with unique lengths 2. handle files that are hardlinked to each other 3. exclude files with unique md5(first_4k(file)) 4. exclude files with unique md5(whole file) 5. exclude files with unique sha1(whole file) (in case of md5 collisions).

List of programs/scripts/bash-solutions, that can find duplicates and run under nix:

dupedit – Compares many files at once without checksumming. Avoids comparing files against themselves when multiple paths point to the same file.

dupmerge – runs on various platforms (Win32/64 with Cygwin, *nix, Linux etc.)

dupseek – Perl with algorithm optimized to reduce reads.

fdf – Perl/c...

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Why is finding duplicate files helpful

You may not realize how many duplicate files you have after downloaded many files from the Internet or duplicate files scattered over your home or corporate network. Duplicate files are usually waste and unnecessary keeping them is merely a waste of valuable hard disk space. Your hard drives may be full of documents, iTunes, iPod, MP3, Photos, and Videos and many of them are redundant.

Deleting duplicates will help to speed up indexing and reduces back up time and size. Your computer isn’t fully optimized until you’ve removed all unnecessary clone files.


Identify and recover wasted disk space Reducing the time and media used for backups Minimize time used to unneeded virus scanning Increase free space on "limited" resources, like laptops and memory disks Reduce files searching time Duplicate file remover to eliminate synchronization problems Runs much more quickly than others in its...
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Ja, that command line fails for multiple reasons. The ‘fancy’ quotes and em dash are two reasons (dammit Jim, I’m a graphic designer, not a programmer). The other seems to be deprecated behaviour in grep.

Very badly, I’ll explain. Each | (bar symbol) is a pipe and joins the output from one command to another. So, explaining one command at a time:
first is a find on current directory (.) for files more than 1k (-size 20) that aren’t directories (\! (not) -type d) and execute a checksum on these files (-exec cksum {} \;). The effect is to output a list of files with their directory relative to current directory and their checksum and block count (size in 512bytes).
Next bit says take this list of files with checksums, and sort them alphabetically by the first item in the list (the checksum).
Next bit is tee which means put this output here and there, in this case put it to the file /tmp/f.tmp, and also to standard output (the screen, or in this case, pipe it...

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Fast Duplicate File Finder - Remove Duplicate Files

Fast Duplicate File Finder FREEWARE will find duplicate files in a folder, computer or entire network. The application will compare the content of the files and will find duplicates even if they are using different file names.

The Professional version can find similar files regardless of their file types. It will analyze the file data in order to find similar files and not just file attributes like name and size as the standard clone removers do. It uses advanced algorithms while searching for similar files and provides accurate results, which is not true for the commonly advertised FUZZY search methods.

The duplicate remover uses fast binary comparison algorithm and has internal preview supporting a lot of image, video, music and text file formats. It can also preview the common file formats.

After the scan process is finished the program shows all the duplicated files in groups and can ...

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List of programs/scripts/bash-solutions, that can find duplicates and run under nix:

dupedit - Compares many files at once without checksumming. Avoids comparing files against themselves when multiple paths point to the same file.

dupmerge - runs on various platforms (Win32/64 with Cygwin, *nix, Linux etc.)

dupseek - Perl with algorithm optimized to reduce reads.

fdf - Perl/c based and runs across most platforms (Win32, *nix and probably others). Uses MD5, SHA1 and other checksum algorithms

freedups - shell script, that searches through the directories you specify. When it finds two identical files, it hard links them together. Now the two or more files still exist in their respective directories, but only one copy of the data is stored on disk; both directory entries point to the same data blocks.

fslint - has command line interface and GUI.

liten - Pure Python deduplication command line tool, and library, using md5...

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It is a common requirement to find and replace duplicate files for most of the computer users. Finding and removing duplicate files is a tiresome job that demands time and patience. Finding duplicate files can be very easy if your machine is powered by GNU/Linux, thanks to ‘fdupes‘ utility.

Fdupes – Find and Delete Duplicate Files in Linux

What is fdupes?

Fdupes is a Linux utility written by Adrian Lopez in C programming Language released under MIT License. The application is able to find duplicate files in the given set of directories and sub-directories. Fdupes recognize duplicates by comparing MD5 signature of files followed by a byte-to-byte comparison. A lots of options can be passed with Fdupes to list, delete and replace the files with hardlinks to duplicates.

The comparison starts in the order:

size comparison > Partial MD5 Signature Comparison > Full MD5 Signature Comparison > Byte-to-Byte Comparison.

Install fdupes on a...

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Duplicate Photo Finder will find all similar and duplicate pictures and photos on your computer. More than 300 image formats are supported including RAW.

The duplicate image finder tool uses advanced algorithms in order to find similar photos in a way that a human does. Due to that fact it can find duplicate images even if they are in different image formats, different bit depth and image sizes.

You can specify a percent of image similarity that will be used during the scan.

There is a handy Image Search option that can find similar images to a preloaded sample.
Supports also EXIFF timestamp search that will let you find photos shot in burst mode.

VSDIF is rated the best duplicate image finder tool on many photography web sites and blogs and is used by professional photographers.

It can analyze hundreds of thousands images in minutes and store information in a database that can be reused in consequential...

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No one likes to find themselves running out of hard drive space on their Mac. Weeding through files and deciding what to delete and what to keep is a painful process and one that none of us likes. One of the biggest causes of wasted space are duplicate files. Luckily there are a few easy ways to locate them and clear them out, in turn saving yourself some valuable disk space. Here's how!

How to save disk space on your Mac by finding and deleting duplicate files

There are many apps available in the Mac App Store that can help you find and take care of duplicate files. Which one you use is ultimately up to you but I've found Duplicate Detective to be one of the most user friendly and effective. So that's the one I'll use in the steps below. You are, of course, free to choose a different one if it suits you better. The steps may just vary.

Launch Duplicate Detective on your Mac. To scan your entire drive, drag Macintosh HD in the box. If you don't have a...
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Delete duplicate photos in just a few clicks

Duplicate photos are a nightmare. They accumulate really quickly, clutter your photo albums and take up lots of disk space. Worse still, they are very hard to find if you don't have the right duplicate photo finder program.

With Easy Duplicate Finder™ you can scan your albums for duplicate image files quickly and accurately. It supports all popular image formats including RAW and has a scanning engine optimized for processing image files. In addition to that, Easy Duplicate Finder™ has a handy Preview feature that lets you preview the duplicates before you take any action.

You can configure Easy Duplicate Finder™ to search only for image files by clicking on the “File Types” button and choosing ‘Image Files’. This way the app won't be wasting time scanning any other files. The app can find duplicate JPG, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, RAW, and other popular image files. You can choose to search for duplicate...

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Moleskinsoft's Clone Remover is an award-winning small shareware utility to find duplicate files and to remove duplicate files on Windows (Vista, 7, Seven supported). It will help you to search for and delete duplicate data in a safe way on your PC or laptop, (including .RAR and .ZIP archives), for example, photo files, music (mp3) files, excel, etc.

Do you know that duplicate files are unnecessary data for users of the personal computer or the laptop? Duplicate files prevent you in the process of work because they occupy your folders and you can not see the necessary file immediately. Duplicate files occupy hard drive of PC too. Therefore you have a priority to eliminate duplicate files. Where can you find duplicate files? You can find duplicate files among documents, photos and music files. If you have a lot of folders with different kinds of information you have a lot of duplicates. You have to delete duplicate files periodically. Do you want to know about ways...

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