How to exclude/ignore hidden files and directories in a wildcard-embedded “find” search?

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While in the MS-DOS or the Windows command line, it may be necessary to view hidden files and directories. Navigate to the directory you want to view hidden files or directories and use either the attrib or below dir commands.

Viewing hidden files with dir command

dir /ah

The above command will list all hidden files and hidden directories in the current directory.

dir /ah-d

Lists all hidden files in the current directory (the one that you are in), but not hidden subdirectories.

dir /a

Lists all files and directories including hidden files and hidden directories in the current directory.

Viewing hidden files with attrib command


Typing the attrib command alone displays all files in the current directory with their attributes to the left of the directory path and file name. Files that have an "H" to the left are hidden files.

attrib | more

If there are too many files to list on one page...

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Consider this directory (and file) structure:

mkdir testone mkdir testtwo mkdir testone/.svn mkdir testtwo/.git touch testone/fileA touch testone/fileB touch testone/fileC touch testone/.svn/fileA1 touch testone/.svn/fileB1 touch testone/.svn/fileC1 touch testtwo/fileD touch testtwo/fileE touch testtwo/fileF touch testtwo/.git/fileD1 touch testtwo/.git/fileE1 touch testtwo/.git/fileF1

I would like to print/find all files which are in these two directories, but excluding those in the subdirectories .git and/or .svn. If I do this:

find test*

... then all the files get dumped regardless.

If I do this (as per, say,

$ find test* -path '.svn' -o -prune testone testtwo $ find test* -path '*/.svn/*' -o -prune testone testtwo

... then I get only the top-level directories dumped, and no filenames.

Is it possible to use find alone to...

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I'm trying to use the Linux find command to find all directories and sub-directories that do not have .svn (Subversion hidden folders) in their path. I can only get it to exclude the actual .svn directories themselves, but not any of the sub-directories.

Here is what I'm doing right now:

find . -type d \! -iname '*.svn*'

I've also tried:

find . -type d \! iname '.svn' \! iname '.svn/*'

Just an FYI, I'm trying to use the find pattern so I can apply some subversion properties to all directories in my repository excluding the subversion hidden folders and their sub-directories (by applying the exec command to the directories returned from the find...

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