How to change my mouse wheel scroll rate?


This tutorial explains how to reverse mouse scroll direction in Windows 10.

Earlier, there was an option available in ‘Mouse & touchpad‘ menu under Devices to reverse mouse wheel scroll direction in Windows 10 (technical preview builds). However, this option is removed from the stable release. Still, it is possible to invert the scrolling direction of mouse wheel in Windows 10.

You need to make some changes related to the mouse in Windows 10 registry. After this, when you will scroll down using the mouse wheel, webpage or the other window where you are scrolling currently will move up and vice-versa.

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How To Reverse Mouse Wheel Scroll Direction In Windows 10?

Steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open Registry Editor and then go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\HID“.

Step 2: Under HID key, there are multiple VID Keys with different names. Each individual VID key...

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Mouse Scroll Wheel Settings

Many of us don’t want to go with advance settings and most of the times technical people can easily understand tips and tricks. I use a lot of time the mouse wheel and as an advanced users I would like to configure my mouse wheel behaviour on my Windows 7 PC. The following is the guide and its applies to the Windows Vista too.

To configure mouse wheel setting on any Windows 8 PC or laptop, do the following steps:

GO to Start button and then clikc on search

type mouse and then click on


. (Search button in Windows 8 makes it easy to search for programs very quickly).

Now you would see the Mouse Properties tab open and then you need to navigate to

Wheel tab

. Under the wheel tab you will find the configuration controls to vertical and horizontal scrolling settings. You will have a control on with one notch how many lines to move at a time. And in horizontal scrolling tilt the wheel to...

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Table of Contents


What didn't work

Dealing with the scrolling issues with the Microsoft Mobile 3500 Mouse turned out to be fairly simple, but

After plenty of messy registry hacks (changing HCKU\Control Panel\Desktop\WheelScrollLines, HCKU\Control Panel\Mouse keys didn't work) After plenty of time spent messing around with Control Panel The basic "tutorials" only show you how to change the amount of lines scrolled at a time, but does not deal with the problem regarding the mouse scroll wheel sensitivity After restarting/logging off a few times (logging off is apparently supposed to apply the registry changes that you've made) And even after re-plugging the nano-transceiver device,

Nothing seemed to work to fix the delayed/slow scrolling with the Microsoft Mouse...

The conclusion can be drawn from the troubleshooting methods failing to fix the device is that it appeared to not be an issue with the registry, nor the physical...

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In Windows 10, default scroll value for the Mouse wheel is automatically set to 3. If you want to increase or decrease the speed of the mouse scrolling to make things easier for you, you should read this post.

How to change Mouse Scroll Speed in Windows 10 PC?

1. Click on Start and select Settings.

2. Under setting click on Devices.

3. From the left pane, click on Mouse & Touchpad.

Or you can simply type Mouse in search of Settings to access Mouse properties.

You should see a slider, which is used to set how many lines the scroll wheel should skip at a time for every scroll. Simply hold and drag the slider to the number you want.

As above said, by default, the value of the slider is already set at ‘3’. If required, you can fine tune it to any sensitivity between 1 – 100. You can also enter a value of your choice for your scroll wheel’s sensitivity, to do this open up the link at the bottom of the page “Additional mouse...

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In a C++ program I am trying to set a custom comparison function for a Berkeley DB, using the Db::set_bt_function member function (the DB is opened as a BTREE type). My code works fine when I'm not changing the comparison function; I can put and get keys/values using Db::put and Db::get.

To try the set_bt_function method, I defined my own "lexicographic comparison" as follows:

int compkeys(Db *db, const Dbt *dbt1, const Dbt *dbt2, size_t *locp) { size_t s = dbt1->get_size() > dbt2->get_size() ? dbt2->get_size() : dbt1->get_size(); int c = std::memcmp(dbt1->get_data(), dbt2->get_data(), s); if(c != 0) return c; if(dbt1->get_size() < dbt2->get_size()) return -1; if(dbt1->get_size() > dbt2->get_size()) return 1; return 0; }

So this should lead to exactly the same behavior as my reference code, when the comparison function isn't changed, since by default Berkeley DB uses lexicographical order.

Yet, when using this comparison function,...

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how to fix mouse scroll wheel - Page 1 - AirySoftware

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how to fix mouse scroll wheelmouse wheel scroll function doesn't work - Mr. Excel Rating:4/10 May 28, 2014 · I'm using Excel 2007. When I try to scroll with the mouse wheel, it doesn't do anything. If I hold down the control key and scroll with the mouse, it Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States How to Make a Mousewheel Scroll Smoothly: 4 Steps Rating:6/10 Remove the spring holding the mouse wheel on, and then remove the spring that is holding on to the mouse wheel. This spring is what you feel clicking when you scroll ... Location: Dallas, Texas, United States How to fix mousewheel scrolling problem - YouTube Rating:10/10 My 3 years...
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I have a panel with autoscroll and I need to change the mouse scroll lines number

I will mean this:

(Mouse properties in spanish, sorry)

But I will change it in my program, for my panel, obvius, not in the SO!

PS: for example the Winamp media player have an option for that.

I can't find info anywhere, please help.


My scrollbar is a panel with "AutoScroll" property

My event is this:

Private Sub Panel1_MouseScroll(sender As Object, e As MouseEventArgs) Handles Panel1.MouseWheel Panel1.Invalidate() End Sub

This is the content of my panel:

' Checkbox drawing Public Sub updatecheckboxes() ' delete the old checkboxes Panel1.Controls.Clear() ' create the new checkboxes Dim filesystem = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Dim ThisDir = filesystem.GetFolder(My.Settings.folderpath) Dim i As Int32 = 0 Dim pos As Int32 = 10 For Each folder In ThisDir.Subfolders ...
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I've never actually needed to modify the mouse scroll wheel speed until recently, when I got a new mouse and I wanted to change the scroll wheel settings. That's when I noticed there's no such option in Unity / GNOME Control Center.

I searched for ways to change this under Linux and the easiest to use seems to be "imwheel", a command line tool that can be used to tweak the mouse wheel behavior and which, among others, can change the scroll speed of the mouse wheel, and I decided to share the information with you.

Here's what you need to do to change the scroll speed of the mouse wheel if your desktop environment doesn't have an option for this:

1. Install imwheel. Since the app is available in the official Ubuntu repositories, you can install using Synaptic, Ubuntu Software Center, etc. or use the following command to install it:

sudo apt-get install imwheel

2. Next, create a file called ".imwheelrc" in your home directory - I'll use Gedit in the...

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This tutorial explains how to change mouse scroll rate in Windows 10. The humble mouse has been a standard peripheral ever since the first computers with Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) came into existence. Used till this date to primarily control a tiny arrow on computer screens for performing actions such as selecting items, launching programs etc., the mouse has come a long way. However, its primary functions, such as clicking, scrolling etc., have remained the same.

Almost all of us use the mouse for scrolling, especially all modern mice come equipped with scroll wheels). But how many times it has happened, that you’ve wanted to scroll a few lines of a web article, only to have the entire page go up (or down) in one go? Quite annoying, isn’t it?

But not to worry, folks, as Windows 10 easily lets you adjust the rate at which the mouse scrolls supported UI elements. Intrigued? Head past the break to find out how to change mouse scroll rate in Windows 10.


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In Windows 10 the default scroll value for the Mouse wheel is automatically set to 3. If you want to increase or fine-tune the speed of the mouse scrolling to make things easier for you, it should be configured the way you just like it. Let’s see how can you can change the Mouse Scroll Speed in Windows 10.

Many advanced mouses and touchpads feature specialized drivers with many additional options that show up under separate tabs in the Mouse Properties window. To configure these settings, you are required to refer to your hardware’s user manual. The other basic features of your mouse can be configured by accessing the Settings app.

First things first, click the Start Menu by clicking the Start button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Next, click on Settings to open the app. When the Settings app shows up, click on Devices.

Select Mouse & touchpad from the menu on the left to open up the mouse configuration screen.


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