How to access a shared folder in VirtualBox?



I’m a newbie in linux. I installed Fedora 16 OS as guest in virtualbox on Window 7. Now, I want to access share folder from Fedora. Here is something I did:

Install guest addtion [OK] Make share folder link to virtualbox [OK]. Share folder path in Window 7: D:\share_folder_vm

In terminal program in fedora, I just run some commands:

[hoangphi@localhost ~]$ su Password: [root@localhost hoangphi]# cd Desktop/ [root@localhost Desktop]# mkdir share_folder [root@localhost Desktop]# sudo mount -t vboxsf D:\share_folder_vm \share_folder /sbin/mount.vboxsf: mounting failed with the error: Protocol error [root@localhost Desktop]#

I got this message: /sbin/mount.vboxsf: mounting failed with the error: Protocol error

share_folder_vm is the folder in Win7 Host and share_folder is the folder in Fedora Guest.

My question: How can I fix this problem?




Install Oracle Guest...

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I followed the steps for sharing folders between Windows 7 and Ubuntu in VirtualBox.

Despite that the folder appears with a X sign and gives me the following message when a try to open it:

The folder content could not be displayed

When I choose Shared Folder from the VirtualBox Device menu, the following warning is displayed:

On the system page, you have assigned more than 50% of your computer's memory (2.93 GB) to the virtual machine...

How can I successfully share folders between Windows and Ubuntu using VirtualBox?

Access to shared folders in Virtual Box

Command line

By default Virtual Box shared folders are created with read/write permission for the guest. This can be done from the command line on the host with:

VBoxManage sharedfolder add "VM name" --name "sharename" --hostpath "C:\test"

By adding the option --readonly we can restrict these for read only access. Use the --transient option if you only want the...

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If you use VirtualBox in your data center, you've probably run into a situation where you needed to move a file from guest to host or vice versa. When you can't figure that out, you wind up having to use Dropbox or some other third-party solution. You don't have to.

VirtualBox has the ability to share folders between guest and host to make moving files back and forth much more efficient. Although there are a few steps involved, it doesn't take long to set up. Let's do just that.

SEE: Virtualization Policy (Tech Pro Research)

Installing the Guest Additions

First, you must install the Guest Additions. Without installing this software, your guest will not be able to recognize the necessary vboxsf file system, thus rendering your guest/host unable to share folders.

The steps for installing the Guest Additions will vary depending upon the host operating system. I'll demonstrate how to do this using a Ubuntu Linux 16.04 host. Here are the steps.

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There are several virtual machine managers present in the market. However, the main functionality of all VMs are the same. Most people like to get free VM managers, so that they can install as many operating systems as they like over the host operating systems. One of these free VM managers is Oracle's VM VirtualBox, which can be downloaded from Oracle's website for all popular operating systems, such as Linux, Windows and Mac.

Once downloaded, setup a Guest OS (for which you can follow VM VirtualBox's provided instructions - installing Guest OS is not discussed here). VM does not provide usage of host drives/folders on Guest OS until they are explicitly shared. However, sharing host drives\folders might not be as simple as clicking and enabling sharing. It needs some steps before you can use host drives and folders (and surely all the files contained in them).

I followed the steps provided from various help articles, but they were quite tricky and not straightforward...

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AFAIK the shared folder feature of VirtualBox only works with the VirtualBox guest additions. The additions can't be installed in a OS X/macOS guest. Thus you can't use this feature.

Instead share a folder in the OS X/macOS guest system by enabling "File Sharing" in System Preferences > Sharing > File Sharing.

If the default public user folder is not sufficient, add another folder and determine user permissions. The protocol can be chosen by hitting the "Options" button.

Depending on your host system you can also configure a shared folder there.

Visibility of the guest's shared folder:

Let's assume the host system's only physical network interface (e.g. an Ethernet adapter) has an IP in the network

If you attach the guest's network adapter to the Bridged network > (Host's) Ethernet adapter and configure the guest's Ethernet adapter with a (unique) IP of the network, the shared folder of the guest is visible...

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Setup: VirtualBox 4.3.26, Win 7 SP1 host, Debian jessie 8.0 (stable) guest.

In VirtualBox Manager, select Shared Folders Settings... in the Devices drop-down menu.

In the resulting pop-up window, select Machine Folders in the Folders List and then click the "Add a New Shared Folder Definition" button (the blue folder with a green "+" sign icon to the right of the Folders List).

In the resulting Add Share pop-up form, click on the down-arrow button in the Folder Path field, and then select Other. A Browse For Folder pop-up window will appear.

(In my case, I had just added another hard drive to my workstation to be used for a dedicated share, already formatted for NTFS, with a volume name of "share", and mounted as "G:". So I clicked the arrow next to Computer, selected drive G: and then clicked the OK button.)

(In your case you should select whatever folder or drive you intend to share, then click the OK button.)

When you've made your...

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How to use a shared folder in VirtualBox0

In virtual machine the shared folders feature allows to exchange the files between the host and the guest OS and vice versa. This is very convenient if you don’t have access to the Internet in guest operational system, for instance, and you need to download some file. In this case you may use the host system connection and transfer the file object right to the emulated system. In this article I’m going to tell how to open a shared folder in VirtualBox in Windows and in Linux OS.

How to use a shared folder feature in Windows in Oracle VM VirtualBox?

The way you can use shared folders either in Linux or Windows environment is quite similar. In order to apply it, you would need to install VirtualBox Guest Additions in the guest VM. Address to the upper menu of the app and click Devices -> Insert Guest Additions CD image menu item in the virtual machine running. In such a way the proper installer will be called.

Follow the...

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Chapter Guest Additions Virtualbox

In the “Devices” menu in...

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