How do you test the network speed betwen two boxes?


Most people test the speed of the Internet connection at one point or another, usually using a website such as SpeedTest Do an Internet Speed Test with SpeedTest to do so. The speed of your Internet connection is obviously a big deal because it dictates how quickly you can download files and also has an impact on the quality of streaming video.

But do you know the speed of your home network? This is tested less often, and there is no easy-as-pie website set up to help you with doing a network speed test. There is a simple utility called LAN Speed Test (unrelated to the SpeedTest website) that can help you figure out your home network‘s precise speed.

Performing a Network Speed Test

LAN Speed Test is a simple program, and so far as I can tell, it doesn’t have an official website. You’ll have to download from a third party, such as CNET downloads. Once the program is installed, you’ll be greeted with an interface...

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Testing network performance in terms of speed and bandwidth is a norm in both production and non-production environment.

A detailed report of speed and bandwidth analysis is very much necessary for the deployment of network dependent application servers. Also sometimes you need to double check the speed of your network throughput while troubleshooting. All these requires a reliable network performance testing tool. This post will be concentrating on one such tool called as "iperf".

IPERF is an open source tool that can be used to test network performance. Iperf is much more reliable in its test results compared to many other online network speed test providers.

An added advantage of using IPERF for testing network performance is the fact that, it is very reliable if you have two servers, both in geographically different locations, and you want to measure network performance between them.

How to install iperf?

Installing iperf is very much easy,...

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Windows only: You've probably tested your internet connection speed (I've always preferred Speakeasy's Speed Test) and have a pretty good idea of your broadband speed, but free Windows app LAN Speed Test measures the speed of data transfers on your home network.

If you're sharing files or streaming videos over your local network, your network speed is a pretty important factor to keep an eye on, and if you feel like your network's not up to snuff, a quick test may help you figure out if you need to replace or upgrade your router. LAN Speed Test tests how quickly data can travel between computers over your network. It takes a little figuring out to use, but how-to blog MakeUseOf has instructions to get you started. MakeUseOf demonstrates how to use the completely free 1.1 version, but the application also has a newer version that has limitations unless you pay.

LAN Speed Test is a free download for Windows only; you can find the new version and the free version at the...

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Almost all computers these days have a network connection of some description. Whether it be a modem connection to an ISP, or an Ethernet connection to a corporate intranet, sending and receiving data to and from other computers is an essential part of day to day operations. A myriad of applications use TCP/IP networking technology - Email, Web browsers and games to name a few popular applications. In most cases, there is one performance factor the user is most concerned with - the speed or transfer rate.

The PassMark Advanced Network Test (which is part of PerformanceTest) is designed to test the data transfer rate between two computers both of which must be running PerformanceTest. One of the computers must act as the server and will sit waiting for a connection. The other computer acts as a client. It connects to the server machine and sends data to it for the duration of the test.

The network benchmark test will work with any type of TCP/IP connection....

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Use Ethernet mode

After I received a few feedbacks from my users that the functions of my application are not clearly understandable (and they may be right because I am a developer and look at my program in developer glass), I’ve just decided to write a detailed guide.

In this post, I will guide you how to use the WiFi Speed Test for Android application, step by step. You need to perform only a three-five easy and simple steps to test your network.
First of all, here is a schematic graphic about the theoretic topology:

As you can see, this is a client-server application, because the traffic goes...

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Netcat is described as being a “feature-rich network debugging and exploration tool”. How to check network speed between two linux box using command line nc. It can be obtained from Source Forge, or it may already be available in your distribution.
To check the netcat installation in your linux, Use below commands.

#which nc


To set up our test, we’ll use two machines, one to listen for a connection, and one to connect and send the data stream. In each test we’ll use a ten second session and we’ll test on three different LANs that differ in speed. The output file will be /dev/null in order to remove the disk from the equation.

Let’s Begin on a 100Mb network segment

On machine A,, start netcat as an ordinary user:

#nc -v -v -l -n -p 2222 >/dev/null

#listening on [any] 2222 …

On machine B, send data to machine A, using the yes command over port 2222, using netcat – timing the...

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What makes Different? will provide you with real-world broadband speed test results in real-world conditions. We stand for the consumer not the ISP so TestMy does not inflate scores to make your provider look better than they are or host our test servers on the edge of ISP networks. Our speed test servers are configured to maintain quality of service for thousands of miles and are hosted in locations where many popular websites are hosted. We believe this is a more accurate representation of your true speed. Most Internet consumers don't think about the Internet service providers responsibility in peering beyond their own network. Many Internet providers send users to their own internally hosted connection test. When you surf the net, how often are you visiting a server within your hosts network?

If you notice the 'TiP' or Test in Progress data on all download test results you'll realize that numbers can easily be altered without lying. It is...

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I use iperf. It's a client server arrangement in that you run it in server mode at one end and connect to its from another computer on the other side of the network.

One both machines run:

sudo apt-get install iperf

We'll start an iperf server on one of the machines:

iperf -s

And then on the other computer, tell iperf to connect as a client:

iperf -c

On the client machine, you'll see something like this:

oli@bert:~$ iperf -c tim ------------------------------------------------------------ Client connecting to tim, TCP port 5001 TCP window size: 16.0 KByte (default) ------------------------------------------------------------ [ 3] local port 37248 connected with port 5001 [ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth [ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 1.04 GBytes 893 Mbits/sec

Of course, if you're running a firewall on the server machine, you'll need to allow connections on port 5001 or change the port with the -p flag.

You can do pretty...

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Software Testing Types:

Black box testing – Internal system design is not considered in this type of testing. Tests are based on requirements and functionality.

White box testing – This testing is based on knowledge of the internal logic of an application’s code. Also known as Glass box Testing. Internal software and code working should be known for this type of testing. Tests are based on coverage of code statements, branches, paths, conditions.

Unit testing – Testing of individual software components or modules. Typically done by the programmer and not by testers, as it requires detailed knowledge of the internal program design and code. may require developing test driver modules or test harnesses.

Incremental integration testing – Bottom up approach for testing i.e continuous testing of an application as new functionality is added; Application functionality and modules should be independent enough to test separately. done by programmers or by...

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writes: The Bowser "13000 gallon" tender is a model of a 130P75/130F82, and was used (in varying configurations) behind class I1s/I1sa, K4s, K5, L1s, and M1.

According to the Spring 1988 Keystone, 100 130F82 tenders were constructed for use with I1s Decapods. From the mid 30s to 1949, all were converted to 130P75 tenders and were used mostly by K4s engines. A few were used behind M1 Mountains and L1s Mikados.

Two 130P70 tenders (with different trucks) were built in 1929 for use with the 2 K5 Pacifics. These were later converted to 130P75 when the K5 engines got stokers. Still later, they received 2FT2 trucks (like the kind Bowser sells with their tender) making them look just like the other 130P75 tenders. After class K5 was retired in 1953, the tenders went to K4s Pacifics.

Starting in 1952, a small number of 130P75 were converted back to 130F82 for use behind I1sa Decapods.

The Bowser 13000 gallon tender needs some modifications to be correct depending on time...

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