How do I restart Unity


unity-2d has some of its own processes and some processes that derive from unity (unity-2d uses unity libraries).

You can find these processes with:

ps aux | grep unity

This yields these (see the right-most tokens in the above command output):

unity-2d-launcher unity-2d-panel /usr/lib/unity-place-applications/unity-applications-daemon /usr/lib/unity-place-files/unity-files-daemon

Each of these can be individually stopped (and each will automatically restart) with:

sudo killall

So to kill them all, list them all in the above command:

sudo killall unity-2d-launcher unity-2d-panel \ /usr/lib/unity-place-applications/unity-applications-daemon \...
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The command unity can be used to restart unity. It restarts the window manager, so your open programs will stay intact and you will not be logged out.

If you run the command from a terminal app, you should add & disown to detach it from the terminal. If you don't, then the unity program will become a child process of the terminal app such that when you close the terminal, unity will also close.

It might also be worthwhile to add &> /dev/null (before the disown bit) so that text and error output does not clutter your terminal.

So, the command is:

unity &> /dev/null & disown

If you can't open the terminal application due to the desktop being extremely unresponsive (or any other reason), you can open a purely text-based terminal by hitting alt-ctrl-F1 through F6.

There you will get a text terminal, you have to login first.

Then you can run the command above, then hit alt-ctrl-F7 or alt-ctrl-F8 to come back to the graphical desktop.


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The Upstart way is

sudo service lightdm restartfor newer versions using lightddm

or sudo service gdm restart for older versions using gdm.

Update: Another option, which isn't using the terminal but using a key combination, can be found at How to set keyboard combination to kill the X server?

April 30, 2011 20:36 PM

The command to restart GDM is sudo stop gdm followed by sudo start gdm, and should be done from a tty.

If you are trying to restart unity itself just run unity (but remember you need to do this from the run dialog.

April 30, 2011 20:37 PM

The command unity can be used to restart unity. It restarts the window manager, so your open programs will stay intact and you will not be logged out.

If you run the command from a terminal app, you should add & disown to detach it from the terminal. If you don't, then the unity program will become a child process of the terminal app such that...

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There are do ways to restart game in Unity:

1.Reset every useful variables such as position, rotation, score to their default position. When you use this method, instead of#2, you will reduce how much time it take for your game to load.

Create a UI Button then drag it to theresetButtonslot in the Editor.

//Drag button from the Editor to this public Button resetButton; Vector3 defaultBallPos; Quaternion defaultBallRot; Vector3 defaultBallScale; int score = 0; void Start() { //Get the starting/default values defaultBallPos = transform.position; defaultBallRot = transform.rotation; defaultBallScale = transform.localScale; } void OnEnable() { //Register Button Event resetButton.onClick.AddListener(() => buttonCallBack()); } private void buttonCallBack() { UnityEngine.Debug.Log("Clicked: " +; resetGameData(); } void resetGameData() { //Reset the position of the ball and set everything to the starting postion transform.position =...
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I know about unity --reset command. But how can I simply restart Unity without resetting its profile?

I don't use Unity but given what I know of its mechanics, this should work:


You'll want to stick that in a run box (Alt+F2) rather than a terminal or it'll break when you exit the terminal.

If you want to run it from a terminal use:

setsid unity

I found killall -u USR1 -r -g unity* (optionally, with -i for interactive) to be more effective than @Andrew's answer. My only problem with this vs unity --replace is that it will kill your session which unity --replace doesn't do. So, reserve this for when it is severely broken.

killall -USR1 unity will restart it in an account (USR1) where you have not changed your killall defaults.

Another alternative that works is

pkill --signal USR1 unity
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You don't need to call these:

SetAutoKill(false) SetRecyclable(true);

Don't mess with DOTween's settings unless you know what you're doing! :)

Also, don't call Start() from another script. Start() is for Unity, not for you :D. Make another method like StartTweens() and do:

public void StartTweens(){ if ( == "MainMenuScene") { Debug.Log("In current scene"); foreach(Tweener tw in tweenList) tw.DOKill(); // or tw.Kill(); tweenList[0] = mainMenuText.transform.DOShakePosition(5, 10); tweenList[1] = playGameButton.transform.DOShakePosition(5, 10); tweenList[2] = exitGameButton.transform.DOShakePosition(5, 10); } }

Then call StartTweens() in...

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We have an e-learning platform which starts up HTML5 or javascript games and activities. These communicate back to the e-learning platform via web services calls in JSON (calls are wrapped by javascript functions).

We'd like to integrate Unity3d games and activities, but are not clear on how they could be started in an Android or iOS context. We know they can be started in a standard web browser with the Unity3d webplayer plugin. They can also communicate with the page, which is very convenient for us - resembles a javascript element.

What about on an Android phone or an iPad? Our application runs in the mobile browser on these devices. I'm not aware that there is a Unity3d plugin available for mobile browsers. I'm also not aware of any way to start an app from a web page. Is there any way to start a Unity3d app from a mobile browser?

Any suggestions welcome.

You're right in assuming that Unity3d doesn't have players for mobile.

I don't know how...

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I am a hardcore Assassin's creed player and I would love to play the campaign for ACU for a second time. But, I can't find a way to delete the saved game. When I go to the main menu the options say continue, EStore, Uplay, Options, Initiates, Switch Profile, Xbox Help and Support. When I go to contine I see the total progress it doesn't give an option to delete my data, nor do the other options.

I have tried to remove the game and deleting my entire Xbox One hard drive and save games but nothing works. I have also tried to go to ubisoft support page for the Xbox One but it only gives instructions to the Xbox 360 data deletion process.

Help, Please with specific...

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This simple tutorial will show you how to restart unity and unity-2d in Ubuntu.Normally we need to restart unity only when meet a “no response” problem.If restarting unity can’t fix your issue,maybe you need to try restart your X display manager.

Restart unity without restart compiz

You can press ALT+F2 ,then type “unity” ,then click ENTER to restart unity.

Or you can run below command in terminal to restart unity

Restart unity by restarting compiz

Restart Unity 2D

Run below commands in your terminal to restart unity 2D

pkill unity-2d-shell pkill unity-2d-panel

Restart X display Manager

If above methods can’t fix your issue,you may need to try restart your X display manager.

Note:All opened applications will lost

sudo -s setsid service lightdm...

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Give yourself a small goal and try to achieve it. Doesn't matter if its not perfect or pretty, just try to do it. For instance, try to make retro games. Those are usually super simple, like space invaders or 1949... Or perhaps just try to do a side scroller. No need to have it do anything special, you are learning...
As for the animation side of thing, that is not related to coding... You want to animate with curves and keyframes. You can animate programmaticaly, but unity is very good to manage that for you... Try to hook up your mouse input to an object and make it move like a spaceship or something. Later, try to add rotations.
The unity tutorials are good, but your must have seen those already:
You need to give yourself a goal, not just try to randomly watch or replicate a tutorial...


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Migrating a Physical Server to a Virtual Machine

Follow the given tasks to migrate from physical server to a virtual machine:

– To replace the publisher server, see the Replacing a Publisher Server section.

– To replace the subscriber server, see the Replacing a Subscriber Server section.

Note If you are deploying Unity Connection networking (Intersite, Intrasite, or HTTPS), see the Networking Guide for Cisco Unity Connection, Release 10.x, before replacing the Unity Connection server, available at

Replacing a Publisher Server

While you are upgrading the publisher server in a Unity Connection cluster, the subscriber server continues to provide services to the users and callers.

Note In case of a standalone server, replace the server during off-peak hours to avoid call-processing interruptions and impact to services.


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One of the most advanced and realistic 3D car simulations online. You can choose racing car, big 18-wheel truck or… yellow forklift! Race around the track or just do crazy tricks and enjoy tens of controls that are available in this simulation. Ready to burn some rubber?

IMPORTANT: This game requires Unity3D plugin installed. Install it when your browser prompts you, or download and install the Unity3D player directly from this official Unity3D download page. For better gaming experience, enter the Fullscreen Mode (right click on the game screen and choose the “Go Fulscreen”).

Game Controls:
PageUp and PageDown keys to change car
ARROWS keys or WASD keys to drive the car
SPACE key to handbrake
C key to change camera. R key to realign the car
X key to press the clutch. F and V keys to change gear
I key to start the engine. SHIFT + R keys to repair the car

B key to toggle setup window. G key to toggle suspensions forces lines

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Table Of Contents

Deleting Messages

Deleting Messages by Phone

Checking Deleted Messages by Phone

Managing Deleted Messages from Your Cisco Unity Inbox

You can delete new and saved messages by phone and from the Cisco Unity Inbox. Depending on how Cisco Unity is set up, Cisco Unity may save your deleted messages so that you can use the Cisco Unity conversation and the Cisco Unity Inbox to play, restore, and permanently delete them.

Deleting messages can be an important way to reduce your mailbox size, especially when Cisco Unity is not set up to automatically delete messages once they reach a certain age. Ask your Cisco Unity administrator if Cisco Unity is set up to enforce a message-retention policy. Cisco Unity does not indicate when a message-retention policy is enforced, nor does it warn you before message are permanently deleted as a result of such a policy. If Cisco Unity is not set up to do so, make sure that you...

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In this tutorial we'll generate a maze with multiple distinct areas and navigate through it.

You'll learn to

fill a 2D rectangle with a maze-generating algorithm; visualize the algorithm by using a coroutine; place walls and doors; use object inheritance; use extension methods; move through the maze; combine first-person view and an overlay map; determine visible rooms.

You're assumed to know the basics of the Unity editor and scripting. If you've completed the Clock and Fractal tutorials you're good to go.

This tutorial requires at least Unity 4.5. It won't work with earlier versions.

Random Mazes

You've probably seen quite a few randomly generated mazes, either in digital form or in print. There is a huge variety of maze types, but fundamentally they always boil down to the same thing. A maze is a collection or areas linked together such that you can start anywhere and from there be able to visit every other area. The shape...

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I get so frustrated every time I try to find Cisco configuration information

on the website and in their help files, that my blood pressure surely rises considerably. I decided to make a short write-up explaining how to change the number of rings before a call will go to voicemail. It is actually measured by a timer in seconds, rather than a number of rings specifically.

I was simply trying to find a help document that would show me how to change the amount of time or number of rings before a call is directed to voicemail with Cisco Unity Connection Manager 8 or Cisco Unified CM Administration. In my case I am using System version:

When I searched the help files, all I found was a ‘description.’ No place in the description indicated where this setting would be configured. I had to search exhaustively on the internet (Google) and the best I could find was a configuration example for an old version, which fortunately used the same menu...

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