How do I make Sublime Text 3 the default text editor [duplicate]


I've been having a problem setting sublime text 2 as the core.editor with git. I've read through every post I could find addressing the problem, but still nothing is working for me. I am running windows.

I have done:

git config --global core.editor "'C:/Program Files/Sublime Text 2/sublime_text.exe'"

and tried that with various arguments like -m. When I open my .gitconfig, this is what is in there:

name = Spencer Moran
email =
editor = 'C:/Program Files/Sublime Text 2/sublime_text.exe'

If I go to git and type:

README.markdown --edit

the readme file opens in Notepad, not Sublime Text. Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong or how I could fix this?

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Let's face it - TextEdit is mediocre at best. Sublime Text is leaps and bounds ahead of most text editors out there (if you didn't know that already, it's definitely work checking out).

So how can we swap TextEdit for Sublime? Simple.

Just enter the following into Terminal (Note: a restart is required for these changes to take effect):

defaults write LSHandlers -array-add {LSHandlerContentType=public.plain-text;LSHandlerRoleAll=com.sublimetext.2;}

Any plain text files should now open directly in Sublime Text and you'll be able to use the command line open -t to open files with Sublime.

Alternatively, you could find a plain text file in Finder and click 'Get Info'. Under 'Opens with:', select Sublime Text and click 'Change...

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This post will get you up and running using R in Sublime Text 3. If you’re not familiar with Sublime Text I recommend watching these videos. It focuses on Macs and it’s a bit outdated, but it’s a really good introduction to what you can do with Sublime Text.


The first thing you need to do is head over to Sublime Text 3 and get yourself a copy. There is a trial version that never expires, but it will bug you to buy it every 100 saves or so. You’ll also need a copy of R. This tutorial will be focused on Windows, but I’ve run the same setup on Linux before and the steps are very similar.


Sublime Text is great for writing any kind of code, but without being able to send your R code directly to the console it can be cumbersome. As usual, there is a package for Sublime Text that fixes this problem.

First, we need to install Package Control. Go here and follow the instructions to install it. To install a package, press Ctrl+Shift+P,...

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In this simple tutorial you will learn how to delete or remove duplicate lines from a text file when you have a list of something (products, names, domains, e-mails etc) using Sublime Text.

Full HD Video Tutorial

Sorting and Remove Lines

To make a fast analysis of your duplicated lines, you should first order your list alphabetically. For example if you have a list of names, when you sort them, duplicates will appear right under the original name and in this case you can remove duplicate lines.

This method is great and fast when you have a short list of things and you want to remove duplicate lines manually. Below I will give you an example.

If you have a very long list and you don't have time to check every row manually, you can also remove duplicate lines by using Permute Unique Lines.

Remove Duplicate Lines with Sublime's Permute Unique Lines

For long lists with duplicates, you can automatically delete them by using...

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A modified version of the duplicate_line command for Sublime Text that allows you to duplicate multiple lines of text without worrying about the position of the cursor. If you use your keyboard to highlight the text you want to duplicate, this modified command is for you. (Although, I think it's better even if you use a mouse to select text too.)

I wasn't happy with the way the duplicate_line command was working in Sublime Text, so I made a modified version. This modified command will still duplicate a single line the same way. The behavior is slightly different, however, when duplicating multiple lines.

Rather than having to fully select the area to duplicate, you can now simply run your cursor selection over multiple lines, and this command will duplicate any lines that are even a part of the selection. So, if your cursor is in the middle of the line, it will still duplicate from the hard beginning of the first line in the selection to the end of the last line...

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Requester is a modern, team-oriented HTTP client for Sublime Text 3 that combines features of apps like Postman, Paw and HTTPie with rock-solid usability and the secret sauce of...

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CudaText is a cross-platform text editor, written in Lazarus.

Syntax highlight for many languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Pascal, XML; more than 160 lexers exist Code folding Code tree structure Multi-carets Multi-selections Search/replace with regex Supports many encodings Simple auto-completion (fixed list) for some lexers Extendable via Python plugins Command palette (Sublime style) Configs in JSON Made on ATSynEdit engine

Features for HTML/CSS coding:

Smart auto-completion for HTML, CSS. HTML tags completion with Tab-key (Snippets plugin). HTML color codes underline. View pictures (jpeg/png/bmp/ico).


Versions for Windows, macOS, Linux, Linux-ARM (for Raspberry Pi 3).

Editor has config system in JSON files: call menu item "Settings-default" and you'll see default config - it's only example. Copy any lines to config called by "Settings-user" and edit lines in this user...

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