How do I download torrents?


So there are many people out there who wants to know how to watch TV shows or movies illegally but they don’t know how to use torrents to download what they want. There are also people who wants to genuinely use the technology for open source software or some kind. There are all kinds of people that wants to use torrents but don’t know how to use them. This answer is for all those who need that help.

First of all, you will be needing a BitTorrent client on your machine. You can be using Windows or Linux or MacOS desktop or you can be using Android or IOS mobiles. Whatever the platform you are using, there are BitTorrent clients that will help you download the torrents you want.

Torrent client is a piece of software that helps you download the torrents that you have got from anywhere. A torrent in simple terms is a file with information about where the parts of file will be available.

For Windows, you can use uTorrent or BitTorrent.

For Linux, you can use...

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The BitTorrent protocol is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used for distributing large amounts of data. The big file is broken down into smaller parts and it automatically fetches parts from multiple hosts at once. It also shares the parts you've already downloaded with others, so that everybody shares and benefits.

The technology itself is perfectly legal, but it has been debated if its implementation in connection with copyrighted material or otherwise illegal material makes the issuer of the bittorrent file, as opposed to the copyrighted material itself, liable as an accomplice or infringer.

It is a good way to download Ubuntu iso releases, especially when the regular release sites are slow, since it actually gets faster when there are lots of users downloading and sharing at once.

Here is how you can use BitTorrent in Ubuntu, starting in 10.04 (the instructions might change slightly in each release, but the basic idea is the same).

For this...

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First you have to download a client such as uTorrent, Bittorrent, or VUZE. You can download any of those here at KAT by just searching for them. Once you have downloaded the client, all you need to do is to get the file to browse to the page the Torrent is on, and click the "Download Torrent" button. Or if there is a problem with that one working, you can click the Magnet Link, which is the upside down U-shaped button to the left of the Download Torrent button. It takes a minute longer to start, but will work just the same.

Check out this page on Wikipedia for a comparison of torrent clients.
The chart indicates if the client is proprietary or open source, when the last update was, if it installs adware, and the features it supports.

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File sharing is controversial and is criticized by many, while at the same time millions of users still use the internet to download torrents. Torrenting is a fun way to watch and download all the latest media content, read books, listen to music, and install software applications through best torrent sites.

Torrent file is a pointer file that are downloaded from Torrent websites. These files are then uploaded to a torrent software, this is where the copyright content is downloaded directly to your system. Here in this guide we provide an easiest method on how to download torrent.

Before you get started, we remind you that watching free copyright material can compromise your online identity. Protect your online data, privacy, and activity by using the VPN for torrenting.

What is a Torrent?

Torrent, in general, is a fast-moving stream of water. However, the term has now become common for streaming Movies and TV Shows, or software downloading. A torrent...

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Torrenting, a method of downloading and sharing files, is becoming increasingly popular. Although torrenting has been around for decades, many internet users are starting to discover it or the first time. Getting started with torrenting can be a bit confusing for a newcomer, as there is a fair amount of terminology and rules you’ll need to know before you can effectively torrent anything. If you’re wondering what torrenting is and how to download files with it, this guide is for you.

Below, we’ve broken up our guide into several parts. First, we provide a quick start guide for those who just want to get started. We then provide a general overview of what torrenting is with some helpful graphics and information, including demystifying the terminology and providing some guidance on torrent legality.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended to help readers access content they already have purchased the rights to access, but are for whatever reason unable to access either...

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The same question is generally applicable to a setup without VPN.

Assuming you have a [INTERCLOUDZ]->[ISP MODEM/WIFI]->[YOU] setup, the mechanism by which you can torrent is the same as it is via VPN.

Basically, whatever your local IP (probably 192.168.0.x-like), the connection itself will be done using public IP addresses - on a very basic level, this is a simple matter of other hosts recording which IP they see your client connecting from.

A VPN just adds a hop: [INTERCLOUDZ]->[VPN]->[ISP MODEM/WIFI]->[YOU].

So where without a VPN, your ISP modem's public IP is what others will use, with a VPN, the VPN IP is what is used.

Whether or not your provided allows inbound traffic is another matter, but keep in mind torrenting generally uses UDP, where the notion of stateful is a little more complicated than for TCP.

If you try to connect to me, what will generally happen is that the VPN host's firewall will record the flow (e.g....

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While file sharing is controversial and often accused of being "music piracy," millions of internet users continue to share their files and download files from others, and thousands of new torrent users are added every day.

Before getting started, install reliable anti-virus software on your computer to thwart any viruses you may get while torrenting. Then, read the articles below in order from top to bottom.

Important Reminder on the Legality of Torrents

In short: not all torrents are legal, and you could be reprimanded for downloading illegal content.

There are lots of illegal files floating around through torrents. It's important to remind yourself that just because the torrent downloads themselves are free, it does not mean that the torrent data you're downloading is free from copyright. Some countries have laws protecting copyright holders, so that should be considered before downloading torrents.

Not all torrents infringe on copyright...

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BitTorrent is a file-sharing protocol that lets you download content directly from other groups of people. Unlike HTTP, the download speeds vary, because you aren't receiving data from a dedicated server, instead you're downloading from other users' computers.

The next obvious question would be, “how do I connect to other BitTorrent users to download files?”

Here’s a simple 3-step guide:

1. Get a BitTorrent client

First you need a BitTorrent client, a program that will enable you to connect to other users (or peers) and thereby download the files you want to. Our favourites are: Windows – uTorrent, Mac – Azureus, Linux – BitTorrent. Click through one of the links and download and install the client.

Tip: Want to download

Torrents anonymously

? Try


, a great way to download torrents securely.

2. Find a torrent

Now that you have a BitTorrent client installed, you’ll want to find torrents you like and download them....

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In this tutorial, i am going to be showing you “How to Download Torrent Files using Internet Download Manager (IDM)” using a very special free service called TORRENT2DDL.


Torrents are very important if you are a downloader, if you love to download, you should know of torrents, torrents are very easy to download if you have the right tools like ;

Stable Internet ConnectionVery fast Internet ConnectionTorrent Client like utorrent, bittorrent, zune and so onTorrent File with high or enough peers and seeds.

Torrent2DDL service has been discontinued, Use the below alternative!

Downloading torrent files aren’t always easy because you may not have one of the above mentioned. What i mentioned above are more like what you need to have if you want to download torrent files or so it used to be. Things are different now, there have been a lot of technological advances, well, this isn’t one of them but it’s still an...

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Download torrents with IDM – Torrent to IDM Complete Guide

In this post, We are going to show you how to Download torrents with IDM – torrent to IDM direct download link trick with pictures and complete guide. Downloading torrent with Internet Download Manager (IDM) is very easy. Many of my friends asked me if they can download torrents directly with IDM or not? Yes, Downloading torrent with IDM is now possible though it may seem that it is not possible if you understand how torrent works? Well, torrents are not saved on a particular servers so getting a direct download link was not possible.

As you may have noticed torrent clients like BitTorrent is very slow if there are not much seeders and leechers. We can’t blame BitTorrent client for that because this is how it works. On the other hand Internet Download Manager can increase your download speed with its segmentation techniques. The more chunks it creates, the more simultaneous connection is possible and...

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Step 4: Download and install a torrent client
Browser video downloader is of no use to torrent movie download and you should get yourself a torrent client. Which is the best torrent client? Well, as opinions vary, being not an expert and having not tried out every kind, I cannot assure you which one best fits you. But it is said that uTorrent, acquired by BitTorrent, is smaller in size, less CPU consuming and more practical featuring fast movie torrent download speed. But note that only after you pay for an upgrade to uTorrent Pro will it protect you from virus and malware.

Best 10 torrent clients: BitTorrent, uTorrent, Shareaza, BitComet, BitTornado, ABC Torrent Client, FlashGet Torrent Client, XBT Client, BitSpirit, qBittorrent

Step 5: Start to download movie torrent file
Install one of the top 10 torrent clients, go back to the torrent site and click "DOWNLOAD TORRENT". Downloading a movie torrent to PC normally takes little time (seconds or so). Then the...

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This video is about how to download movies, music, and software using torrents. The first thing that you will have to do is to download either uTorrent or BitTorrent. After you have download either of the two, go ahead and browse for a torrent website. After you have found the torrent website that suits you best, just browse or search for the file that you want to download. A list will appear, then you just have to look at the most number of seeds since this increases the speed download. Also, look at the description and comments to know if the file contains viruses. The next step is to download the torrent. Once you've downloaded the torrent, go to uTorrent or BitTorrent and a window automatically appears which shows the file location, description, etc. Then just simply press "OK" and the download automatically starts. You just have to wait for it to finish downloading and you're...

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[quote]What's a cyberlocker? I don't do torrents as I find them too confusing but I do download stuff off rapidshare, oron, etc.

Cyberlockers, also known as file hosts or one-click sites, include RapidShare, Oron, etc... Files are stored on their sites and can only be downloaded if you have a specific link to that file.

All of them keep records of user upload data. Only one that I know of, RapidShare, states on its website that it does *not* maintain download logs.

Another cyberlocker, Hotfile, was sued by Disney and other studios in February for mass copyright infringement. Hotfile began logging download activity at that time.

In general, try sticking with file hosts outside of the U.S., like Filesonic (Hong Kong) and Oron (Holland) although there is no guarantee that they wouldn't turn over your data if sued, etc..

A lot of people are using Fileserve now; this makes no sense to me as they are based in the U.S. and their servers are located here....

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First Years of TPB

The notorious torrent system was founded in 2003 in Sweden. It was one of the first huge peer-to-peer systems to serve files over the Gnutella network. The number of active users started to grow fast and only few years later the Pirate Bay was the biggest P2P torrent engine worldwide. In 2006, the owners of TPB changed and since then the torrent index has been successful through the time. Soon in 2009, the authorities started to have pressure on the founders. Peter Sunde, Gottfrid Svartholm and Fredrik Neij faced several charges for copyright issues. They soon left the company and today the team behind TPB keeps themselves anonymous in order not to receive public pressure. The Pirate Bay was serving around 4 million torrents and 6 million users in 2011, and the number has only been increasing ever since. Today, the Pirate Bay ranks on 151th place globally according to Alexa...

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