How can I reduce or increase the number of workspaces in Unity?

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This simple tutorial shows how to reduce / increase the number of workspaces on Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.04 and upcoming 13.10 Unity Desktop.

There are quite a few Ubuntu configuration tools that allow to manage number of workspaces on Unity Desktop, such as Ubuntu Tweak, Unity Tweak Tool, Unsettings, CompizConfig Settings Manager, etc.

NOTE: For Ubuntu 13.04 and higher, you may first enable workspaces from System Settings -> Appearances -> Behavior tab -> Enable Workspaces.

To change number of workspaces via Ubuntu Tweak:

Ubuntu Tweak is very popular Ubuntu Configuration tool which was started in 2008. The first supported release is Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon.

To install Ubuntu Tweak, first download the .deb file from Or use below command to download it (Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open terminal for running commands):

cd ~/Downloads/ && wget...
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In Ubuntu’s Unity, you get four workspaces per screen, arranged in two rows with two columns each. Fortunately, there’s a way to get more desktop space, but in Ubuntu 11.10 it takes a bit of searching.

After clicking around for 20 minutes, I finally found a menu in compiz’ settings manager (package compizconfig-settings-manager). Select category “General”, “General Options”, tab “Desktop Size”. There you can increase the horizontal and vertical size. You can also set the number of desktops, but I didn’t notice any effect on this one.

I don’t like to hunt basic settings deep down in obscure menus, so luckily, there’s a quicker way for people who aren’t afraid of editing the gconf database directly. You can manipulate the number of workspaces through the following gconf properties:

/apps/compiz-1/general/screen0/options/hsize /apps/compiz-1/general/screen0/options/vsize

Use the command line utility gconftool-2 to assign new values:

$ gconftool-2 --type...
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Workspaces come in handy when you are working on different tasks in parallel. They not only make it easy for you to immediately switch between tasks but also help you keep your computer-related work organized in general.

By default, Ubuntu offers only four workspaces (arranged in a two-by-two grid).

This is more than enough in most cases, but depending on your needs, you may want to increase or decrease this number. The good thing is that it is possible although not as straightforward as heading to ‘System Settings …’ and changing the value from there.

In this article we will discuss a couple of tools – “CompizConfig Settings Manager” and “Unity-Tweak-Tool” – that you can use to tweak the number of workspaces in Unity.

If you are using Ubuntu 13.04, 14.10, or any version in between, you can play with the number of workspaces using the “Unity-Tweak-Tool.” You can easily download and install this tool through Ubuntu Software Center.

Once installed...

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February 2016

This whitepaper provides an overview of the different big data options available in the AWS Cloud for architects, data scientists, and developers. For each of the big data analytics options, this paper describes the following: Ideal usage patterns, Performance, Durability and availability, Cost model, Scalability, Elasticity, Interfaces, and Anti-patterns. The paper concludes with scenarios that showcase the analytics options in use, as well as additional resources for getting started with big data analytics on AWS.

Services covered in this whitepaper include Amazon Kinesis Streams, AWS Lambda, Amazon ElasticMapReduce, Amazon Machine Learning, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, and Amazon QuickSight. In addition, the paper also touches on Amazon EC2 instances, available as an option for self-managed big data applications....

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Microsoft Seizes SaaS Lead From Salesforce

News | 9/6/2016 |

Microsoft is experiencing strong growth in its Azure-based, Dynamics collaborative applications, overtaking Salesforce as the market leader, according to a new report. What eBay's Machine Learning Advances Can Teach IT Professionals

News | 9/6/2016 |

EBay has been gathering data and employing machine learning to connect more buyers to sellers and increase the trustworthiness of transactions. The use-cases are worth exploring for any IT professional looking to help improve a company's bottom line by applying machine learning to its customer-facing applications. 9 Ways IT Can Ruin Its Relationship With The Business

Slideshows | 9/6/2016 |

Aligning IT and business units sounds fantastic in theory. But when the rubber meets the road, IT leaders face unique challenges as they strive to engage and collaborate with business-side colleagues. InformationWeek surveyed 100 IT leaders about their biggest...
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Amazon EMR is a web service that makes it easy to quickly and cost-effectively process vast amounts of data.

Amazon EMR simplifies big data processing, providing a managed Hadoop framework that makes it easy, fast, and cost-effective for you to distribute and process vast amounts of your data across dynamically scalable Amazon EC2 instances. You can also run other popular distributed frameworks such as Apache Spark and Presto in Amazon EMR, and interact with data in other AWS data stores such as Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB.

Amazon EMR securely and reliably handles your big data use cases, including log analysis, web indexing, data warehousing, machine learning, financial analysis, scientific simulation, and bioinformatics.

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The spaces we occupy shape who we are and how we behave. This has serious consequences for our psychological well-being and creative performance. Given that many of us spend years working in the same room, or even at the same desk, it makes sense to organize and optimize that space in the most beneficial ways possible.

When it comes to building your workspace you can aim for the trendy look and flick through some interior design mags, or you can let science guide the way. Based on recent psychology and neuroscience findings, here are some simple and effective steps you can take once to improve your productivity for years:

Take ownership of your workspace

The simple act of making your own decisions about how to organize your workspace has an empowering effect and has been linked with improved productivity.

Craig Knight, Director of the Identity Realization workplace consultancy, showed this in a 2010 study with Alex Haslam involving 47 office...

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Q: Can I use Amazon SQS with other AWS services?

Yes. You can make your applications more flexible and scalable by using Amazon SQS with compute services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS), and AWS Lambda, as well as with storage and database services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon DynamoDB.

One common use case is a distributed, decoupled application whose multiple components and modules need to communicate with each other, but can’t do the same amount of work simultaneously. In this case, Amazon SQS message queues carry messages to be processed by the application running on Amazon EC2 instances.

The Amazon EC2 instances can read the message queue, process the job, and then post the results as messages to another Amazon SQS message queue (for example, for further processing by another application). Because Amazon EC2 allows applications to scale up and down dynamically, application developers can vary...

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Chapter 13

Stress and the Environment

As mentioned in an earlier chapter, nothing outside of us will automatically cause us to turn on the stress response unless we choose to let it. Stress activation always depends upon how an event is interpreted by how it is perceived. However, there are aspects of our day-to-day environment that can more easily be perceived as being stressful. These are called environmental stressors. An environmental stressor is something that is in our environment that can easily be perceived as annoying, distracting, uncomfortable or unpleasant. Environmental stressors don’t usually involve people, but relate to the conditions of the physical environment. Loud noise can be an example of an environmental stressor.

Most of the time, environmental stressors are still a matter of taste. For one person, going to a rock concert and sitting right by the speakers is perceived as pleasurable and time well spent. To another, this...

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