How can I prevent someone from resetting my password with a Live CD?


The real issue here is that the attacker only needs physical access to your hard drive in order to read or manipulate the files which contain your password hashes. There is already a thread on SuperUser which has some recommendations, which I will likely repeat here.

How to secure my Windows 7 PC?

As security compromises of a PC go, physical access is perhaps by far the worst kind. Once an attacker has their hands on your computer, most other security methods in place are easily circumvented. That said, here's what you can do to prevent or hinder these attacks from affecting your system.

Use strong passwords. Make them 15 characters long at minimum, and use all four character types (lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, non-alphanumerics). Also, avoid using any dictionary words in any part of the password. Lastly, do not write it down! Encrypt the hard drive. This will prevent any attacker from reading or manipulating the system files when booting into...
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In short,I have inherited a project... it has a live production site running on a LAMP stack. I have root access to the server nobody knows the mysql root password. In addition the user that the application uses cannot access the mysql client, for some reason the credentials only work from the application.

I am trying to reset the root password using the instructions from mysql

The server is running ubuntu 16 lts with mysql 5.7.19.

Following the above guide, they instruct mysql to be shutdown with the following:

kill `cat /mysql-data-directory/`

I run the sql script on startup... but the result is i still cannot login to the mysql shell via root :/

Anyone got a solid way to reset the root pass..?

Trying to get the service running with the skip grant tables and networking:

Stop the service: /etc/init.d/mysql stop LOG OUTPUT Start the service with mysqld and...
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If you forget your computer’s password, it can be difficult to recover from and might require special tools and skills. However, the built-in system administrator account can be a great avenue to reset a forgotten Windows password, especially for home users.

Any administrator-level user can reset other user’s passwords on the computer. If you have another admin-level user on the computer, login to the account, then go to the Control Panel to reset the forgotten account’s password. These instructions are specific to Windows XP. See here for Windows 8 and later.

If there are no Administrator accounts on the system, you can boot to Safe Mode to access the Built-in Administrator account. From this fail-safe account, you can force-reset your account’s password. Previous to Windows 8, accessing Safe Mode can be done by holding F8 while you starting the computer.

Reboot while holding/tapping F8 and choose Safe Mode.

Now that you are in safe mode, you can use the...

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If you are a Windows user, you might be aware of the fact that Windows has a built-in option for creating password reset disk. This will help those who has forgotten the password to get into the system. By default, the administrator account is concealed in Windows unless you manually activate it from Local Users and Groups or use Command Prompt. Admin account can be able to help user login Windows and reset all accounts password from admin and guest account. However, bad things may happen. In case you do not have a pre-created reset disk or you do not have access to administrator account, What should you do?

We all know that once the administrator account has been locked, disabled or reject your wrong password, you will not install any software, program updates and can't do any do any kind of administration whatsoever. Don't worry, if you have a pre-created password reset disk, then it's pretty easy to reset your password. If you don't, Ubuntu Live media disc may help. You...

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I recently switched from Putty to Kitty (on windows7) and now I notice that after Windows Resumes from Standby/Sleep that it Automatically logs me in again. I see in the SSH kitty shell window:

Using username "myusername". myusername@myip's password: Send automatic password

I have configured KITTY to use files instead of Windows Registry and am using the kitty_portable.exe binary. I have logging enabled but I always have "OMIT known password fields" CHECKED. So I would like to know WHERE is my PASSWORD being CACHED? And how can I disable this feature so that my password is no longer cached? Under Connection->DATA there is nothing set for Auto-login username and when username is not specified its set to PROMPT. Auto-login password is also NOT set. So would appreciate any help to disable password...

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My husband passed away on 2/3/12 and I am unable to reset his password. I wanted to set up an auto-reply to his contacts and then after a period of time close his account. I i saw that the account would be marked inactive after a period of time but I was hoping to close it put earlier. I can provide death certificate if needed. Obit in in Savannah Morning News 2/5/2012 / William Sabo, Sr. I can be contacted at *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

Thank you for your assistance. It was difficult to find how to complete this in...

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