How can I make Firefox open magnet-links in Transmission?


How to set default apps in Chromium / Chrome / Firefox / Ubuntu Linux

Situation: You hate the default app that opens when you double click a file or when you open it with chromium browser and you want to change it.

In Unity (and probably Gnome 3 Shell), some default apps can be changed through gnome-control-center: System settings > System info > Default applications

You can also right-click on a file > select Properties > Open with. See what applications/programs are listed there. You can also add them and set them as default.

If none of the above work, you can use xdg-utils (xdg-mime) to set a default application for a specific Mime Type

First, you have to figure out what text string to use as a "mime type". An easy way to find it is to look into the default application's desktop file.

Example: Chromium opens magnet links and bittorrent files with transmission-gtk by default. You want to use deluge. The .desktop files are usually in...

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None of the question related, solved my problem, first, I don't use windows; second, questions related are from years ago, nad seems outadted, because much of that questions suggest to change the values of network.protocol-handler.external.magnet, but in Iceweasel 29 I can't find anything similar., should I create it? what kind of value is, boolean, string...? I don't have it some clear, or at least in your support is not clear at all.

And this link which is recommended in some relates questions : is broken, at least to me is broken.

so... how may open magnet links in this disspaointing browser?. I don't want to use Chrome/Chromium because they're worse.

I'm using Linux.

None of the question related, solved my problem, first, I don't use windows; second, questions related are from years ago, nad seems outadted, because much of that questions suggest to change the values of...

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If you are a frequent torrent user, you will come across magnet link. Magnet link has been around for quite some time, but it is only recently when the Pirate Bay confirmed that it would switch to DHT, PEX and magnet links that makes people start to wonder what magnet link is all about. You can read about the full explanation of DHT, PEX and Magnet Links here. In short, it is a method for you to download files without having to first download the .torrent file. You can start the download with just a link (or URL).

Magnet link makes it very convenient for all of us to download file. However, when you click on the magnet link in the browser, you will probably see the error message below.

So how can we open magnet links in the browser in various OS?

Note: Not all Bit-torrent clients support magnet links. Vuze, uTorrent and Transmission are several clients that support magnet links.

If you are using Ubuntu Karmic, the default transmission does not support...

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Transmission supports Magnet links from version 1.80 onwards, which will probably not be added to the Ubuntu repositories until the Lucid Lynx release in april.

You can upgrade it anyway using the PPA:

A tutorial on adding PPA's can be found here.

Then you must configure Firefox to recognise the Magnet links.

* Type about:config into the address bar and press Enter.
* Right-click -> New -> Boolean -> Name: network.protocol-handler.external.magnet -> Value -> true
* Right-click -> New -> String -> Name: -> Value -> /usr/bin/transmission
* Ensure network.protocol-handler.expose-all is set to true
(thanks to kwacka for this info)

P2P is the way forward, folks

p.s note that this only works for magnet links that refer to torrent files. Other P2P URN's such as those found on will not work with the above settings. We...

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ow do I add magnet links with transmission bittorrent in Firefox running under Linux operating systems?

You can easily add magnet protocol association in Mozilla Firefox browser for any bittorrent client. Transmission is a fast and easy BitTorrent client. From

the wikipedia


The Magnet URI scheme is a de facto standard (instead of an open standard) defining a URI scheme for Magnet links, which mainly refer to resources available for download via peer-to-peer networks. Such a link typically identifies a file not by location, but by content — more precisely, by the content’s cryptographic hash value.

How can I add magnet support to Firefox?

Open firefox. Type the following in address bar:
Sample outputs:

Click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button. Right click > New > Boolean (see fig.02):

You need to enter new boolean value called network.protocol-handler.expose.magnet and set it to false....

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i’m using transmission for my regular bittorrent needs. it has a nice simple interface and can even be run as a daemon on a server. therefor it even offers a nice looking web interface.

Note: if you are running gentoo or a system that uses the xdg-utils with xdg-open, you might want to look at this howto.

since my working machine is not always running but my server is, this is where transmission is set up.

the web interface provides a nice mask to setup your torrents. you can upload a .torrent file (to your remote machine) or just an URL of a torrent or most recently a magnet link. this is very handy since you don’t need to handle any .torrent files locally. just copy that link and you are done.

when you are running a torrent client directly on the machine you pick out your torrents clicking on the magnet link will most likely start the download immediately without having to copy that link. this kind of comfort was missing with the remote version of...

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Magnet link association management in Chrome, Safari, Firefox

How can I set magnet link associations so that when I click a magnet link it launches Transmission Remote whether I'm in Chrome, Safari, Firefox?

I'm setting up MacBook, set up Transmission Remote as my sole torrent client for my seedbox. The magnet links were working fine -- clicking a magnet link launched Transmission Remote, and the torrent started. BUT, Transmission Remote doesn't include the feature: create new torrents. For that I installed uTorrent. But, much to my frustration, uTorrent has become the default app associated with torrent files and magnet links.

Setting Transmission as the default app for all .torrent files was easy:
Select .torrent file > Ctrl-click for context menu > Get Info > Open With > select Transmission Remote > Change All.

But how do manage system and/or application settings so that Transmission Remote is associated with magnet links in...

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How can I open magnet links with firefox? I tried setting following values in about:config, -> /usr/bin/deluge network.protocol-handler.expose.magnet -> true network.protocol-handler.external.magnet -> true

But firefox keeps on complaining about

Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (magnet) isn't associated with any program.

I am using repository version of firefox (5) and deluge (1.3.1 - gui+daemon mode) on ubuntu 11.04

Edit: I was told to set network.protocol-handler.expose.magnet to false and firefox would ask which application to use, but I see no box asking me something appearing.


as of firefox 3.6 network.protocol-handler.external.* seems to no longer work

in about:config

network.protocol-handler.expose.magnet -> false

and 'reset' all other values to do with magnet.

once you click a...

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Hi, folks

People on this forum I have found quite helpful so I have yet another query that I have attempted to solve myself, but failed. Since I installed Transmission I have found that magnet links are opened with it by default, before this they were opened using qBittorrent. I ran:


xdg-mime default qBittorrent.desktop x-scheme-handler/magnetin an attempt to fix this problem, but it hasn't. Just to check that I ran this correctly, I ran:


xdg-mime query default x-scheme-handler/magnetwhich returned:


transmission-gtk.desktopas I thought.

I checked that I got the .desktop file's name correct by running:


find /usr/share/applications -name "q*torrent.desktop"and this returned:


/usr/share/applications/qBittorrent.desktopso I knew the desktop file's name was qBittorrent.desktop and not qbittorrent.desktop or some other minor variant.

Thanks for your time,

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Orbmiser18th December 2015, 6:45 Edited(This post was last modified: 18th December 2015, 6:46 by Orbmiser.)

Use to work fine. Clicking on get torrent or magnet link would launch transmission just fine.

Latest update now get firefox error.

Strange changes creeping into desktop.
I can drag the link over and drop on open transmission and works fine.

AJSlye18th December 2015, 7:06 Edited(This post was last modified: 18th December 2015, 7:07 by AJSlye.)

That's strange. Magnet links are working fine in Chrome and chromium, this has to be a Firefox 43 bug.
I'll look into it on my test system in the morning.

Orbmiser18th December 2015, 7:20 Edited(This post was last modified: 18th December 2015, 7:34 by Orbmiser.)

I remember this problem back a year ago in Firefox 30's days with Ktorrent also.
But strange is my Win7 side Firefox 43 behaves normally and opens uTorrent program clicking on same links.

Has anyone found a...

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Welcome to Beit Sasson – the Sephardic Congregation of Newton

Velkommen til Musikkorps Sbys hjemmeside. Drejer det sig om musik til en festlig lejlighed, s kontakt Musikkorps Sby og hr nrmere om mulighederne Im on Kubuntu, Firefox 3 5. I just did it and it worked-no need to restart Firefox. If KTorrent wont support Magnet Links, you might try qBittorrent, which Im Using JAWS 10 in Firefox 3 the properties of each tree item are spoken including the openclose state and the level information. Using JAWS 10 with IE 8, the An example Magnet link is. Tried in firefox 11 also with no joy. To get Firefox to recognize magnet links you need to open about: config and A firefox was way magnet magnet torrent links. Site feature dht have magnet apr do network. Qbittorrent for upgrade it of show. Bittorrent a magnet: i open search

opera browser for bb

Nov 21, 2011. Copy sent to Maintainers of Mozilla-related packages. Could we have iceweasel associating magnet links to torrent...

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How to change default program to open magnet - super user, Recently i installed bitcomet. now when i click a torrent magnet link from chrome it opens with bitcomet though i changed the settings of bitcomet to not to be the default program to open magnet links.. What are magnet links, and how do i - lifehacker australia, Soon, popular torrent site the pirate bay will no longer host torrent files. instead, it will only offer magnet links. magnet what now? you may have seen. Btdigg - wikipedia, Btdigg is the first bittorrent dht search engine. it participated in the bittorrent dht network, supporting the network and making correspondence between magnet links and a few torrent attributes (name, size, list of files) which are indexed and inserted into a database.for end users, btdigg provides a full text database search via web interface.the web part of its search system retrieved.

How to change your manual transmission fluid, Most...

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Got exactly the same problem here, I can see what is happening but not how to fix it,

Chrome calls xdg-open when magnet link is clicked, xdg-open supposedly uses .local/share/applications/mimeapps.list, so I added

to mimeapps.list, however xdg is not reading this, it instead passes to x-www-browser which happens to be Opera, if you run
#update-alternatives --config x-www-browser
#update-alternatives --config gnome-www-browser

and change to Firefox then clicking the magnet link in Chrome will open Firefox, there seems to be a few issues with setting default apps in Mate...

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Soon, popular torrent site The Pirate Bay will no longer host torrent files. Instead, it will only offer magnet links. Magnet what now? You may have seen the term "magnet link" before, but if you haven't used one, here's the lowdown on what this change means for you as a BitTorrent user.

How Magnet Links Are Different From Torrent Files

When you download a torrent file, you're essentially downloading a small file that contains information on the larger files you want to download. The torrent file tells your torrent client the names of the files being shared, a URL for the tracker and more. Your torrent client then calculates a hash code, which is a unique code that only that torrent has -- kind of like an ISBN or catalogue number. From there, it can use that code to find others uploading those files, so you can download from them.

A magnet link does away with the middleman. A magnet link is essentially a hyperlink containing the hash code for that torrent,...

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Here you have it – our ultimate list of must-have Mac apps. From email clients to system utilities, time savers to productivity boons; on this page you’ll find the best Mac software used by MakeUseOf staff and readers alike.

We will continue to update the list on a regular basis, so be sure to add your favorites in the comments and we’ll consider them the next time we update this page.

Last updated: July 6, 2017

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The old Mac favorite is a serious recording tool for beginners and enthusiasts 6 Best Free Mac Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) , and it’s free for all Mac users to download and try out. Record audio, play virtual instruments, and get...

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2017.11.02 - Vuze[edit]

New Features:

FEATURE: UI | Classic friends meets dchat! [Parg] FEATURE: UI | Handle alt networks [Parg] FEATURE: UI | Option to chat about torrent errors [Parg] FEATURE: UI | Option to hide auto-generated messages [Parg] FEATURE: UI | Added option to move torrent on tag-move-on-complete [Parg] FEATURE: Core | Option to categorise friend connections as lan-local for rate limiting purposes [Parg] FEATURE: Core | Support some alternative chats [Parg] FEATURE: Core | Torrent location support for initial save location and copy-on-complete [Parg] FEATURE: Core | Added json import [Parg] FEATURE: Core | I2P: install on attempted dns resolution [Parg]


CHANGE: UI | Remove [TuxPaper] CHANGE: UI | Basque translation update [Azpidatziak] CHANGE: UI | Double click actions for search+subs views [Parg] CHANGE: UI | Made menus more consistent [Parg] CHANGE: UI | Added...
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Article Update : 22/10/2017

Traditional downloading of programs and application from a website has become outdated as well as there are not many website providing free softwares for download. The another medium for downloading and sharing of files is peer to peer file sharing Networks & Programs and it has grown to tremendous level with many networks having more then millions of users to share software’s, Music files, Videos and Programs etc.

With the increase in popularity of Peer to Peer (P2P) networks it has also become one of the medium for spreading of viruses, spywares, ad ware, malware through file sharing applications. Users are seeking for clean, safe, fastest and best p2p file sharing applications.

Check out our Best P2p File Sharing Programs List of 2011

After searching for hours on Google I have got big list of safe and best peer to peer (P2P) programs and applications.

The initial article was written back in 2008, that’s 10...

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