How can I change what keys on my keyboard do? (How can I create custom keyboard commands/shortcuts?)


Not only Mac users but what about remote administration of multiple machines?!

Anybody ever remote desktop through multiple machines? Where does your Ctrl+Alt+End key combination (that's not written anywhere on screen like an actual intuitive interface should) invoke the security screen? On your bounce box or the destination box that you actually want to change your password on?

Ctrl+Alt+End does nothing on my 2012 R2 system and Ctrl+Alt+Del is oh so helpful in saying "To use the commands available when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del, click your user tile and choose an option"

After some searching I found 2 workaround solutions at

1.) On the first RDP session bring up the on screen keyboard applet (Run -> osk), and click on the second (inner) RDP session, then click back to the keyboard and press CTRL ALT END with your mouse, which should send CTRL ALT...

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How does operating system detect a USB device when it is connected to sytem? I need this information to write a program that will erase contents of USB as soon as it is connected.

Other Tips. If I install Ubuntu 16.04 to run along with Windows 8 will my personal files such as Steam, Antivirus, and documents be deleted? No. That's the whole point of a dual-boot: to keep one OS intact, while also having another OS installed alongside the first. Be careful, though. Make sure that you are choosing the right option (the Install Ubuntu alongside Windows option). This will shrink the Windows partition to half its original size and install Ubuntu in the newly created space. Do not choose any options that include the word erase or wipe or any synonym of either. If there is no option for a dual-boot, you will have to do some somewhat advanced partitioning and options. They aren't difficult, but they can easily be messed up. If you run into the problem of only seeing Wipe Hard...

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Drawing 3D models in SketchUp requires a lot of back and forth between your keyboard and mouse. As you become a more experienced SketchUp modeler, you develop a sense of what commands and tools you use most often and what you do and don’t like about the default keyboard and mouse settings.

Tip: Keyboard shortcuts are one of the most flexible ways you can tailor SketchUp to your unique modeling quirks and desires. If you’ve ever wished you could open a specific feature with a single keystroke, get ready to fall in love with the Shortcuts preferences panel. It’ll be one of the easiest relationships you’ve ever had.

Because SketchUp relies so heavily on mouse and keystroke combinations already, the mouse customizations aren’t quite as flexible as the keyboard shortcuts. However, you can change the scroll wheel zooming and the way the mouse and Line tool interact. The following sections explain all the details.

Creating keyboard shortcuts

In SketchUp, you...

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AutoHotkey FAQ

If your question is not in the list below, check the community-driven FAQ on

Language Syntax

General Troubleshooting

Common Tasks

Hotkeys, Hotstrings, and Remapping

Language Syntax

When are quotation marks used with commands and their parameters?

Double quotes (") have special meaning only within expressions. In all other places, they are treated literally as if they were normal characters. However, when a script launches a program or document, the operating system usually requires quotes around any command-line parameter that contains spaces, such as in this example: Run, Notepad.exe "C:\My Documents\Address List.txt".

When exactly are variable names enclosed in percent signs?

Variable names are always enclosed in percent signs except in cases illustrated in bold below:

1) In parameters that are input or output variables: StringLen, OutputVar, InputVar
2) On the...

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sudo apt-get install xbindkeys

Xbindkeys is a very versatile program that lets you remap keys very easily. It uses a config file, my default located in your home directory, to change key bindings into certain commands.

To create a default config file you use the command:

xbindkeys --defaults

Which prints the default config file. So if you want to create the file containing the default values you would use:

xbindkeys --defaults > $HOME/.xbindkeysrc

Which prints the default values into a hidden file named .xbindkeysrc located in home (~).

Now to actually change the bindings of keys we first need to know what the name or keysym of those keys is. xbindkeys allows us to use the -k handle to find the name of a key or key combination. Run:

xbindkeys -k

And press a key or key combination. Your output will look something similar to this (when pressing space):

"NoCommand" m:0x10 + c:65 Mod2 + space

"No Command" tells us that currently no command is...

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Here is how I tried to switch the mapping of the ENTER key to the SHIFT key (and vice versa):

$ uname -a


Linux box 2.6.32-37-generic #81-Ubuntu SMP Fri Dec 2 20:35:14 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux $ which xmodmap


/usr/bin/xmodmap $ which xev


/usr/bin/xev $ xev

(ignore the next fifty lines or so)

PRESS THE ENTER KEY (notice the third line): KeyPress event, serial 33, synthetic NO, window 0x5600001, root 0x110, subw 0x0, time 263441120, (738,242), root:(771,314), state 0x0, keycode 36 (keysym 0xff0d, Return), same_screen YES, XLookupString gives 1 bytes: (0d) XmbLookupString gives 1 bytes: (0d) XFilterEvent returns: False KeyRelease event, serial 33, synthetic NO, window 0x5600001, root 0x110, subw 0x0, time 263441271, (738,242), root:(771,314), state 0x0, keycode 36 (keysym 0xff0d, Return), same_screen YES, XLookupString gives 1 bytes: (0d) XFilterEvent returns: False PRESS THE SHIFT KEY (notice the third line):...
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The Windows desktop can be a super productive work space, provided it’s set up right. Native toolbars can help you make it even more efficient by placing shortcuts and information at your fingertips. Being located in the Windows taskbar means you won’t have to close windows or open files and folders via Windows Explorer Hack Windows Explorer for Efficiency Boosts to access them. Let’s see how toolbars can be useful for you.

How To Add A Toolbar To Your Taskbar

Right-click the Windows taskbar, pick Toolbars from the menu, and either select an existing toolbar, or click on New toolbar… When you’re adding a new toolbar, you need to select a folder on your computer that contains the desired content. You can create a new folder as you’re picking the location and add the content later.

Tip: If you store the content of a custom toolbar in your Dropbox or on OneDrive, you can use the same source with toolbars on...

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For Microsoft® Excel®


If you are in need of a utility to manage defined names in your Excel models, this one is a must-have. List all names in your active workbook. Filter them using 13 filters, e.g. "With external references", "With errors", Hidden, Visible. Show just names that contain a substring. Show just names unused in worksheet cells. Edit them in a simple dialog or make a list, edit the list and update all names in one go. Delete, hide, unhide selected names with a single mouse click.

Created in collaboration with Charles Williams, and Matthew Henson ( who ensured the utility works on Mac Excel too. See a screenshot here.

The Name Manager is freeware, all I'd like to ask you is to tell everyone if you like it and to tell me if you don't.

Current version downloads

V4.3 (Build 652, Sep 9, 2016 Downloaded: 119,526 times)

Tip: Excel 97 users can download Name...

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Number Description PI04695 Not all objects in report are refreshing, the report that does not refresh is also not consistent PI04842 User Defined consolidation do not work with SUBNM function even though the same sheet works when uploaded to tm1web PI04923 Intermittent errors when refreshing data in IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office PI04932 TM1 servers not getting registered with Admin server in TM1 v10.1.1 PI04936 It is not possible to change TM1 Application model view in TM1Web PI04950 TM1 websheet generating "Array index out of range" PI05029 Not able to set blank(null) value for picklist cell using Delete key PI05091 Discrepancies between TM1 Web and slice or snapshotto Excel PI05138 List of Element Attribute Values is limited to 200 Elements in the subset editor in TM1 Web and TM1 Applications Web PI05431 Central app disappears after unsuccessful deployment PI05434 Unable to apply...
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