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Okay, so I was trying to install Arch on another computer and noticed that there was an EFI Shell v1 & 2 option on the Arch install disk. I ran that on the computer that is having trouble. Once I could enter commands, I did bcfg boot -v dump
Answer #: 1 When you install Windows, Windows assumes it’s the only OS on the machine — or at least it doesn’t account for Linux. So, it replaces GRUB with its own boot loader. What you have to do is replace the Windows boot loader with GRUB
Okay, I'm a n00b at Linux, so please be nice to me. I have a minor problem with GRUB bootloader (actually more like an annoyance), I want to change the order of the OSes from Linux being on top to DOS first (actually it's Windows, GRUB just labeled i
Question: I have upgraded the kernel on my Ubuntu many times in the past. Now I would like to uninstall unused old kernel images to save some disk space. What is the easiest way to uninstall earlier versions of the Linux kernel on Ubuntu? In Ubuntu e
This guide shows you how to enable and disable services in Linux. This is the command line method of enabling and disabling services. Some Linux distributions like Fedora, Ubuntu and so on do provide a GUI front-end as well