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I remember being confused for a very long time about the trailing garbage in commands I saw in Unix systems, especially while watching compilers do their work. Nobody I asked could tell me what the funny greater-thans, ampersands and numbers after th
I really read several times help for move command and did it once again for you right now, but no mirracle happened! Following the instructions and syntax examples I still get the "The syntax of the command is incorrect. " error message. Please, can
grep is using regular expressions as defined by POSIX. For whatever reasons POSIX have not defined \t as tab. You have several alternatives: tell grep to use the regular expressions as defined by perl (perl has \t as tab): grep -P "\t" foo
About grepgrep syntaxgrep examplesRelated commandsLinux and Unix main page About grep grep, which stands for "global regular expression print," processes text line by line and prints any lines which match a specified pattern. grep syntax grep [OPTION