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Hi,I'm having trouble removing icons from GNOME's launcher. Tried to get used to UNITY, but no luck with it. I want to go back using GNOME (2/fallback session)
Using dconf-editor you can set various options to control the indicator-datetime applet Navigate to com. canonical. indicator
This is more like a trivial question. But every once in a while you would like to add remove an icon in Kali Linux from the top panel in GNOME Fallback mode. The most common reason for adding a new icon is to add temperature sensors in top panel or m
1. Install "GNOME Classic" sessionsudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback You now get the possibility to choose the "GNOME Classic" session when you log in, but there are some problems with this session: The top panel's height and its icons are t
Answer #: 1 11. 10 Overview The older GNOME 2. x experience has been retired in GNOME, however you can use the GNOME 3