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If you've enjoyed this blog, please consider picking up a copy of my Ubuntu book, Instant Ubuntu. Thanks for visiting! I was sitting here this afternoon trying to come up with something to blog about. Looking at some of the wiki work I’ve done recent
None of the other solutions worked for me in Gnome 3. 14 on Gnome Ubuntu 14. 10
What is GNOME?GNOME is a lot of things. Usually, GNOME refers to GNOME Desktop Environment. Quoting the Arch Wiki: A desktop environment bundles together a variety of X clients to provide common graphical user interface elements such as icons, toolba
Getting the program to show up in the search seems to be difficult at best, which I'm sure will get better as Gnome3 matures and progresses. (The state of Gnome3 right now will certainly not be the same in a month. ) In order to add an application as
The vast majority of laptops come with a built-in touchpad as the primary input device for controlling the on-screen cursor. However, most users prefer to use an external mouse as it is easier to use than the touchpad. In this case it is useful to di
Configure your Linux key binding to make Shift+Mouse wheel send an horizontal scroll event: Install xbindkeys xautomation Edit ~/. xbindkeysrc. scm and write: ; bind shift + vertical scroll to horizontal scroll events (xbindkey '(shift "b:4") "xte 'm
The applications launchers Gnome knows about are . desktop files in /usr/share/applications, and ~/. local/share/applications
Ever since the first preview release of Windows 10, I had been using the new Microsoft Edge as my primary web browser. Earlier this week, while writing the guide to enable Google search in Windows 10 taskbar search, I had to install Google Chrome des
by Cerin Last Updated May 29, 2017 16:02 PM How do you create a custom application launcher in Gnome Shell? I have a local Eclipse installation that I'd like to be to quickly launch