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Who can execute ‘sudo’?We can run ‘/usr/sbin/visudo‘ to add/remove the list of users who can execute ‘sudo‘. $ sudo /usr/sbin/visudoA screen shot of ‘/usr/sbin/visudo‘ file, looks something like this: The sudo list looks like the below string, by def
Both files point to the same place: $ ls -l /usr/bin/gksudo lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 2010-09-27 18:23 /usr/bin/gksudo -> gksu . .
Graphical applications often store settings and other user-specific data in configuration files written inside the user's home folder. The main mechanism applications use to determine what they should use as the user's home folder is the HOME environ
After a long discussion on #ubuntu-devel I now understand the thinking. gksu can be installed on 13. 04 with sudo apt-get install gksu and it will work
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