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In simple way we can tell below are the difference between git and git hub and VSTS. git: - Treat git as a engine/technology to achieve source version control to our project. Unlike TFS (again a centralized source version control ) git is distributed
by fogcityben Last Updated July 15, 2017 01:02 AM I read about a security flaw in Git, which was fixed in version 2. 2. 1
The following command: $git config --global --list gives me: user. name=test user user. name=gotqn I want to remove the first name
Setting Up the ServerLet’s walk through setting up SSH access on the server side. In this example, you’ll use the authorized_keys method for authenticating your users. We also assume you’re running a standard Linux distribution like Ubuntu
I came across a neat new extensions that provides Nautilus Git integration
ProblemAfter I’ve written posts for this blog, I would like to publish them by rake deploy, but I was prompted to type my passphrase for ~/. ssh/id_rsa for multiple times in Linux text mode. (In GNOME shell, this won’t be a problem
Having tested all the above mentioned tools, I have settled with the following tools for managing my Git repositories: SmartGit SmartGit is an easy-to-use graphical user interface for Git with optimized work-flows. SmartGit supports all Git and Mercu