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When I went to watch some only episodes of star trek on Amazon Prime, the player would get stuck on updating. I followed the instructions here and doing so actually worked for 3 seconds. It was the oddest thing
Thanks for your helpful response, appreciate. I've done what you suggested, however: Opera is based on Chromium now. When trying to figure out how to do something in Opera, you can search for how to do it in Chromium or Chrome
I've done some experimentation and it seems that playing media on browsers in Lubuntu is fraught with difficulty. I have tried 3 browsers (Firefox, Chromium, Chrome) using the default media player plugin (Gecko) or Adobe flash plugin or Gnash browser
Every time I want to enable my webcam or microphone in my browser, the regular flash screen pops up and I need click allow or deny. However I can not click allow or deny, it is not responding to my clicks. Does anyone know a fix ? access http://www
by maki57 Last Updated June 29, 2017 20:02 PM My goal is trying to run . swf files through Firefox and NOT a standalone player. When trying to run local
In most cases, a clean install is not required when installing Flash Player. The Flash Player installer will upgrade previous installs without having to uninstall first. However, if you find you're running into problems or would like to downgrade to
Q. How do I install Flash Player for Firefox web browser under Ubuntu Linux?A. First, close running Firefox
flash videos both in chrome 12. 0. 742