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How to rename a file in Ubuntu through terminal. Rename file via command line in Linux. Use “mv” terminal command to rename file in Ubuntu (command line)
This question already has an answer here: How to run scripts without typing the full path? 8 answers You can create an alias of the full command by running the following in the terminal: alias viber=/home/nazar/Software/Viber/Viber. sh Now you can ru
As we seem to be listing all available alternatives of displaying any text file in the terminal, it would be quite fun to introduce pv as technically one valid (but unusual) method, although I would normally use cat instead for most things. It is in
If you want to use the default program for opening a file you can use gnome-open YourFile or (as Florian Diesch mentioned in a comment) you can use the following command which also works on every XDG-compliant desktop environment (including KDE, LXDE
I am trying to run a Binoinformatics program, DistMap on Ubuntu 12. 04 LTS (x86_64). I am getting the error No such file or directory
Sometimes you may need to send a file to a friend, colleague or family, or upload it to the Internet, that is just too large to go through without errors. Most email providers for instance limit the attachment size so that you may end up with error m
Usage Delete all the files which have same name with ${filename}. find . -name "${filename}" -type f -delete Delete all files with