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Good day, I have cross-compiled Qt 5. 1. 1 for an IMX6 powered Nitrogen6x running Debian Wheezy
That depends on the system you are running. One many OSes, especially Linux based ones, sh is a link to bash. In such case, there are still some differences in behavior where bash try to be more like traditional bourne shell when called sh, but it st
by user61928 Last Updated April 14, 2015 23:00 PM How can I make a bash script executable by double clicking just like . exe files in Windows? I tried creating a launcher and assigning the script to it, but there are two consequences: the terminal tw
This question already has an answer here: How to run scripts without typing the full path? 8 answers You can create an alias of the full command by running the following in the terminal: alias viber=/home/nazar/Software/Viber/Viber. sh Now you can ru
I am trying to run a Binoinformatics program, DistMap on Ubuntu 12. 04 LTS (x86_64). I am getting the error No such file or directory
Open your terminal and navigate to the directory where your . sh file is located. So suppose your file is under the Desktop/shell_scripts directory you would do something like this