Error when installing: “unable to find a medium containing a live file system”


Trying to install from a USB live image and getting the following - [ 26.952015] ata3: COMRESET failed (erro=16) BusyBox v1.21.1 (Ubuntu 1:1.21-0-1unbuntu1) built-in shell (ash) Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands (initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system.

background. root, swap and home partitions are already set up. Using the Freya i386 ISO (latest) passed checksum. Used rufus to put extract the ISO image onto the USB thumbdrive. I reboot using this thumb drive. The first thing that comes up is a COMRESET message, shortly thereafter the elementary logo comes up and stays on screen for a good 5 to 8 seconds. Then I get the error message above.

Anyone know why? My DVD is shot, and I'll happily go get one to try and install from it tomorrow; but if there is a way to fix this then I'd just as soon get the install finished.

Finally had it with Windows. Windows 10 is not going on my systems.

Thanks in advance for any...

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I've been trying to install Linux Mint 17.1 x64 on my MBP mid-2014 running Yosemite, to no avail.
I followed the guide and tried several times with different options (all 4 combinations of the Ubuntu chekboxes), but it kept failing.

Just after the two initial menus, these errors appear :

Loading Linux kernel...error: file /casper/vmlinuz.efi not found Loading initial RAM disc...error: you need to load the kernel first

Then, a GRUB menu appears. I select the option to launch the OS and I can see the Linux Mint logo for a few seconds.

Then, I get this fatal error :
initramfs : unable to find a medium containing a live file system

Any ideas ? I don't have any casper folder on the usb stick, is that normal ?

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Last Updated May 08, 2016 08:00 AM

I am trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 using wubi from windows 7 and I am getting this error “unable to find a medium containing a live file system”

video of the problem


md5sum ubuntu-14.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso is


it matches the Ubuntu hashes

if I use bootable USB and try it with installing alongside with windows7 it just keep restarting from that point and I don't want to choose the something else option it looks scary (might wipe out data)

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Try a different USB stick, or try your luck re-writing it - this is clearly finding the stick & starting the boot process, but getting read errors part way through.. the medium is in some way corrupted.

Mark Williams
May 22, 2015 08:30 AM

I know this post was opened a year ago, but I'm going to post the solution I've found now to help some people who have the same...

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"Xubuntu LiveCD no longer available, ISO now larger than 700MB

Starting with 13.04, the Xubuntu images are larger than 700MB so they no longer
fit on traditional CDs. The decision has been voted 8-0 by the Xubuntu team
members and thanks to the extra space, some applications that were removed from
the default installation in Xubuntu 12.10 are now back by default (see below).

One of the reasons for this change is the 'amount of developer time currently
spent keeping the ISO small enough to fit on a CD'."

And . . .
Judging from troubles noted on various forums with any 12.10 'buntu, I would use the following version of xubuntu--

Link to download Xubuntu-12.04.3-alternate-amd64.iso--...

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I am trying to install Exchange 2013 CU5 but when it is trying to prepare organization point I get the following error.


The following error was generated when "$error.Clear();
initialize-ExchangeUniversalGroups -DomainController $RoleDomainController -ActiveDirectorySplitPermissions $RoleActiveDirectorySplitPermissions

" was run: "Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.SuitabilityDirectoryException: An Active Directory error 0x51 occurred when trying to check the suitability of server ''. Error: 'Active directory response: The LDAP server is unavailable.' ---> System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.LdapException: The LDAP server is unavailable.
at System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.LdapConnection.Connect()
at System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.LdapConnection.BindHelper(NetworkCredential newCredential, Boolean needSetCredential)
at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.PooledLdapConnection.BindWithLogging()

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Now that we have Ubuntu installed in our flash drive, why don't we take it for a spin? Do know this part gets kinda tricky.

So, remove your flash drive and Shut Down your computer. When it's off, plug in your flash drive again then turn on your computer. As soon as you press the power-on button, keep pressing F10(or F12, it depends on your computer) to access the BIOS. The BIOS(or Basic Input Output System) may look rather strange because of all the text and complete lack of graphics, and the fact that you have to use your keyboard to navigate around the menus.


Let's do this step-by-step again.

1. Once you've gotten in, navigate to the "System Configuration" menu.

2. Look for the "Boot Options" or something similar to that. It'll take you to another menu.

3. Then go to "Boot Order" or "Boot Priority" (BIOS'es are all built...

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