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Hi Experts, I have the need for inter-operating questions to find a way to mount a USB (FAT FORMATED) LUKS encrypted volume (created under Mandriva Linux OS) on MAC OS X. Those LUKS encrypted volumes can easily be mounted on WINDOWS OS by FreeOTFE co
This is a small note that describes how to encrypt and decrypt a ZIP file from the Linux command line. I’ll show how to create a password protected ZIP archive from one or several unprotected files or folders. Warning! The standard ZIP encryption is
GnuPG (GPG) can use asymmetric and symmetric encryption. Asymmetric crypto involves a two keys, a public key for encryption and a private key for decryption. See djeikyb answer on this page for asymmetric key usage
Is there any simple (IE: right click in Nautilus) way to password protect a particular folder/file in Ubuntu? I've got a few files containing sensitive info and I'd much prefer that if/when I leave my computer alone, they aren't accidentally accessed
Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to securing your stuff. Think about your use-case, maybe something other than plain AES is better suited. If you want very simple platform independent encryption, you can use openssl
WARNING: CryptKeeper has recently been reported that it has a universal password bug that puts your data at potential risk. This issue may not yet be fixed in Ubuntu, use this solution at your own risk. Relevant bug information links:Upstream bug: ht
I messed up my system earlier, I was greeted with a black screen, when booting in to Ubuntu. When I started up my laptop, I selected the recovery option from the grub menu, and chose fallback at root terminal. I saw that I was able to use the add use
I have a new Ubuntu 10. 04 installation with encrypted home directory (using the built-in encryption offered by Ubuntu installer). What’s the easiest way to stop using encryption? (I
May 3, 2010 When I installed, I selected the option to encrypt my home folder. I believe this is causing constant crashes now, since error message is user id/password related. Is there a way to remove the encryption? Ubuntu Security :: Removing Encry
This question is related to another one by @Stefan, but it is not a duplicate of it. The questions are slightly different: the author simply wanted to know if this had been implemented, while I'm asking for help specifically on how to do this (in a p