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Realtek Bluetooth 4. 0 (RTL8723AE/8723AU) Drivers Version 1. 3
For 12. 04 and belowThe additional drivers program has a command line interface, jockey-text: Use jockey-text --list to get a list of available drivers and their status, then use # the init lines are required only for graphics drivers sudo init 1 joc
After upgrading to 15. 04, I have one additional driver (it did not appear in 14. 10)
If you're feeling excited, you can delete nouveau from your PC by simply sudo apt-get remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau I won't recommend you remove the nouveau, but I did though :P Doing the steps above got me up and running again with nvidia driver
until he/she feels the force) like: lshw - Shows you information about all hardwarelsusb - Shows you information about all USB hardwarelspci - Shows information about all PCI compatible hardwarecat /proc/cpuinfo - Shows detailed information about you
I'm not sure why the versions are different but the change seems quite small nvidia-current changelog. The nvidia-current package contains the nvidia driver version that was packaged for 11. 10 before the Feature Freeze
DriversUnlike Windows, most hardware is natively supported in Ubuntu and does not require separate drivers to work. Generally speaking, if it works don't worry about a driver not being installed. Please note: there is a bug so that your graphics card
I have the same graphics device and the "Unknown Driver" problem. This is not a problem with the driver installation but with the fact that Ubuntu is unable to recognize it properly. If you can see a properly functioning GUI and not a black and white
I want to add my answer here because I couldn't install the NVidia driver, I couldn't get tty working and I wasn't able to install it in safe mode root shell. What I did was a combination of two answers here: NOTE: before doing this, be sure that the
I prefer to install the drive myself. So, knowing what my card is,1)I download the excellent driver from nVidia. com