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Got same ergonomic problem! Ctrl+D or Add Bookmark will function only when "desired link folder" is selected on Location Bar. "Bookmarks" will appear only on Places (Nautilus) after placing one bookmark. Not so friendly IMO
These directories/places include Home, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures mounted drives and network drives (if any). Suppose a situation where you want to add a new directory in it for quick access. Lets say Dropbox
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If you want to hide files, you are only left with renaming them with a preceding . , as is *NIX convention. Sorry, but that's it
What should have been doneYou should have performed home=os. path. expanduser("~") first and then os
bashUsing globstar shell option, we can make use of recursive globbing . /**/* bash-4. 3$ shopt -s globstar bash-4
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GnuPG (GPG) can use asymmetric and symmetric encryption. Asymmetric crypto involves a two keys, a public key for encryption and a private key for decryption. See djeikyb answer on this page for asymmetric key usage
They allow you to create loopsA hard link to a directory can link to a parent of itself, which creates a file system loop. For example, these commands could create a loop with the back link l: mkdir -p /tmp/a/b cd /tmp/a/b ln -d /tmp/a l A filesystem
by Sam007 Last Updated March 13, 2017 11:02 AM I am trying to find a directory, using the terminal and I am not sure where it is. I mean that i used the wget command to obtain the file and used it for installation and now i am not able to find where