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When you have a chroot of another system for example in /srv/nfs4/netboot/ you can set a name for this chroot in /srv/nfs4/netboot/etc/debian_chroot (in my case it's a nfs4 pxe netboot drive): user@host:~# echo "netboot" >/srv/nfs4/netboot/etc/deb
I stumbled upon this thread whilst googling "ubuntu server stability issues" - searching for answers to my own concerns regarding the stability of Ubuntu server. I have to admit that I'm a long term Ubuntu fan, particularly on the desktop (Since Bree
So perhaps its mad for me to answer that, with only combined Canonical 3 months past (now!) It may even be absurd for me to answer it, provided that I’m on the server group, and Ubuntu certainly has quite a big focus on creating “Linux for Humans”, e
I think that this Debian packaging guide I wrote, Basics of Debian Packages is the shortest I've ever seen. You can also find it at StackOverFlow. The right way of building a deb package is using dpkg-buildpackage but sometimes it is a little bit com