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Here is some sloppy, and probably not very encompassing post-processing you can do to dpkg -I output to get dependency items as a list: Condensed for computers # dpkg -I package. deb | python -c "import sys, re; t=re. split(r'\n(?= ?[\w]+:)|:', sys
I searched for a simple way to create . deb Packages for things which have no source code to compile (configs, shellscripts, proprietary software). This was quite a problem because most of the package tutorials are assuming you have a source tarball
What follows is a basic example of how a source package for a python script might look. While most of the packaging tutorials are a bit complex, they can really help if you hit a problem. That said, I first learned the basics of Debian packaging by s
Manually installed packages appear in the Software Centre, along with all the others. Just search the software centre for your package and remove it there. You may have to click on "Show N technical items" Along with this, there are a few other metho