Dash search gives no result


Some may be surprised to hear that CB radio is alive and well in the 21st century. From disaster response to operating in areas without reliable communication infrastructure, there are plenty of reasons people are still reaching for their radio and not their smartphone. Unfortunately, modern automotive interior design doesn’t have such an enlightened view. It’s hard enough to get decent cup holders in some cars, let alone a spot to hang your microphone.

When presented with this problem in his Subaru Forester, [Alex Loizou] did what any modern hacker would, he 3D printed a mount that snaps into the stock dash. No drilling was required to attach his radio mount, it simply replaces a decorative trim piece that wasn’t doing anything anyway. Obviously this particular mount would only really work on the same year and make of vehicle as [Alex] has, but this is a good demonstration of how 3D printing can be used to adapt to existing hardware.

As is often the case when trying...

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I am using Splunk Enterprise 6.6.2, and today I noticed an alarming problem.

In order for me to troubleshoot the problem, I created a bare-bone version of my dashboard:

Quotation View v1 Clone index=summary_price source=summary-price-quotation-view | fields count $time.earliest$ $time.latest$ Time -1d@d @d

The first table doesn't use the base search, while the second table uses the base search. Both searches are identical at the end. However, they gives different result (2,526,053 vs. 2,086,762), as shown in the attached image, and the difference is huge!

I also looked at the Jobs page, and from that the two searches look similar (although the sizes are different):

What can explain the difference? Is it a bug in Splunk?

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I'm afraid that would be super expensive :sad:

How Adwords works (simplified version!) is that you bid for specific keywords and create some adds that appear on the right hand side of the results list. In this case we would bid for dash and different combinations of that. Then, every time someone clicks on your ad you get charged an amount (the amount is lower than your bid but depends on several factors). If your click through ratios are really good, then you get 'promoted' to the top of the results list, but for that you need a very high click through and a high bid. Considering that dash is a generic keyword we would not get high click through results, so we would not reach the top of the list... and if we got high click through it would be extremely expensive! When you get low click through ratios Google asks you to raise your bid or they stop showing your add, so very soon you end up paying too much. That is their way of making sure that you are relevant to that specific search...

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Ok, I've been poking at this a bit, and I still can't reproduce it locally. I think I'm on to something anyway...

So my box has SSD and runs the latest Zeitgeist which is 0.7.0 which is about 2-3 times faster then 0.5.2 which are in the archives right now.

On non-SSD and with ZG 0.5.2 Neil can reproduce from D-feet with SetGlobalSearch("t", {}); SetGlobalSearch("th", {}); SetGlobalSearch("this is a test", {}). The two first queries will have a lot of hits and put a good deal of pressure on ZG, if the last query comes when while we're still handling the "th"-query I think the place daemons might have reentrancy issues.

The reason I can't reproduce on my box is then that my system is just too fast! :-) Still all speculation...

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A smart and simple plugin that provides keyboard shortcut access for Dash, Velocity or Zeal in IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine, WebStorm, PhpStorm, PyCharm, DataGrip, CLion, GoLand and Android Studio.


The default shortcut assigned to smart-search is Cmd-Shift-D (Mac OS X) or Ctrl-Shift-D (Windows, Linux).

A menubar command named either "Smart-Search Documentation" can be found in the "Tools" menu.

The plugin either searches for the statement at caret position or the current selection. It will identify the programming language in use and request filtered results accordingly. A non filtered search over all documentation entries can be invoked by adding the Alt modifier key to the shortcut. "Search all Documentation" is also available in the tools menu.


You can change the shortcut at Preferences -> Keymap -> Plug-ins -> Dash.

Toolbar Icon

You can add a button to the toolbar. Right-click the menubar -> Customize […]. You will find the...

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Documentation sets, or docsets, consist of collections of HTML files. Dash uses these docsets to store the docs you need. This section describes the various features Dash has to help you acquire and manange docsets.

1.1. Downloading Docsets#

Docsets can be downloaded Dash's Preferences > Downloads.

1.3. Managing and Searching Docsets#

You can manage the docsets you have installed from within Preferences > Docsets. You can drag and drop docsets to change the order in which results appear. If you're looking for more advanced ways of managing docsets and easier switching between them, see the sections below about Search Profiles and Docset Keywords.

If you're looking for a way to download/install docsets, see the Downloading Docsets section.

1.3.2. Search Profiles#

You can set up collections of docsets and easily switch between them using search profiles. For example, let's say you do both macOS and Web development, you could set up...

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I just upgraded my Ubuntu 11.10 (x86) to Ubuntu 12.04 (x86). The upgrade completed without any errors.

Since then, I am unable to access any of the applications in the Dash. The Dash seems to be empty. When I search for some application like gedit, it says "Sorry, there is nothing that matches your search".

Is there any way to fix it?


None of these fixes worked for me. But after more searching:

rm ~/.cache/software-center -R

worked like a charm. I did need to run:

unity --reset &

afterwards though, for the changes to take effect within dash, but the software center just started working straightaway.


You should ensure that you have these 2 packages installed:

For 12.10 and older:

For newer versions:

unity-lens-applications unity-lens-files

Then logout/login and you will get back you the 2 lenses and the search will...

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Hello, my name is Rizal Rahman, and i'm a new writer in ubuntubuzz. I'm an Indonesian people and i'm a Blogger too.


is my first blog. If you have some free times, just try to visit that my simple blog okay :D.

Emm, i think enough for the introduction, and if you find any mistakes in my post because of my bad English, i hope you can forgive me. Let's sharing and learning together :D

In this my first post, i want to share a little trick about how to fix if your Ubuntu Dash gives no search result and doesn't show anything. This problem come to me when i installed my friend's laptop with Ubuntu 12.04. I remembered that there is no strange thing happened while the installation process, but after the installation is finished, i just try to click the Dash and i'm starting to search some application keywords. And it doesn't show anything. Just blank, and show me an error message like"Sorry there is nothing that match with your searches", you can see it on...

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