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This one's relatively Easy. It is Ubuntu, so tinkering will be required, Mandatory even. Ubuntu, uses a unique GRUB loader called Plymouth, which creates the unique animation system using an image, and a script to create the bootup images
In this tip we will see how to change the desktop background image (wallpaper) from the command line under Ubuntu or any other system having the GNOME desktop environment. Some users may ask the question of the benefit of using such tip as long we ca
1. Install "GNOME Classic" sessionsudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback You now get the possibility to choose the "GNOME Classic" session when you log in, but there are some problems with this session: The top panel's height and its icons are t
Ever since I updated to GNOME 3. 14, I was facing some problems with the default application for folders. I am using more or less vanilla GNOME, so the default application for folders should be Nautilus