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by htorque Last Updated June 03, 2017 10:02 AM I want user foo to auto-login using LightDM (which has been used by Ubuntu since version 11. 10). How would I do that? Answers 10 An alternative to Alin's answer is to create a file /etc/lightdm/lightdm
There is a . bashrc in every user's home folder (99. 99% of the time) as well as one system-wide (which I don't know the location of in Ubuntu)
Allows Legacy SSH protocol version 1 (has known security issues) Allows direct access to root via password authentication Uses low key strength to secure sessions Allows SSH access to all users Four minor items that should be changed at first boot of
I have noticed on a few machines in which my application's user. config file is somehow becoming corrupted and is empty when opening. I can't seem to figure out why this is happened
This is a recent innovation, followed by Gnome and thus by Ubuntu, to store user-specific data in fixed directories. According to this document, there is a single directory where user data is stored, defaulting to ~/. local/share; a single directory
I have installed gnome-tweak-tool in Ubuntu 14. 04 Unity, then chose Windows -> Windows action keys -> Disabled (previously was Alt). After that Unity windows buttons stopped working for that Ubuntu user
Problem I was getting the following error when updating ubuntu 14. 04 on Linux Mint 17. 02: Solution First I had to remove the duplicate Google Source Entry by going to Software Sources -> Additional repositories: Then From there check that the 2