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Those packages contains only free, Open Source software under OSI definition, and it does not contain any third party sponsored offers. PeaExtractor is freeware and it is released under LGPLv3 license, free of charge for any use (personal, profession
Question:I'm trying to compress a directory and ftp it to a windows ftp. I have tried every tar command I can find to compress a directory. It appears to be ok
Answer #: 1 If you come from a Windows background, you may be familiar with the zip and rar formats. These are archives of multiple files compressed together. In Unix and Unix-like systems (like Ubuntu), archiving and compression are separate
It seems like a lot of folks are struggling with the size of scanned PDFs. Below are excerpts from two emails I received recently: My [Fujitsu] ScanSnap makes PDFs that are too big .
XZ is another compression method used to compress data. There are several ways on how to decompress XZ archive on Linux. For a tarball XZ compressed archive first try a tar command with xf options
Question: I have upgraded the kernel on my Ubuntu many times in the past. Now I would like to uninstall unused old kernel images to save some disk space. What is the easiest way to uninstall earlier versions of the Linux kernel on Ubuntu? In Ubuntu e
You just need to do apt-get install --only-upgrade . This will upgrade only that single package, and only if it is installed. If you wish to install the package if it doesn’t exist, or upgrade it if it does, you may leave out --only-upgrade